Kwese-iflix Introduces New Bundles That Just Make It Cheaper To Watch Shows On Kwese-Iflix App


Today Kwese has introduced Kwese-Iflix bundles which are meant to save money for Kwese-iflix app users.  Before today, users had to buy (for example) a 1 Day Pass and 250 megabytes of data separetly, to watch programmes on Kwese-Iflix. This means that you had to spend $1.60.

But Kwese-Iflix bundles makes it cheaper to watch shows on the Kwese-Iflix app as users will buy “Day Pass” and Data” in a single payment. The Kwese-iflix bundles will let users purchase a 1 “Day Pass” and 500 megabytes of data, in a single payment,  for just a dollar. Therefore users can now save $0.60cents and get more data to watch Kwese-iflix app shows for a day.

According to Kwese, with just a $1 of Kwese-iflix bundle you can watch 2 movies (although it depends on the lengths of the movies). But its not only movies that you can watch with the Kwese-Iflix bundle, you can watch documentaries, football, series etc.


And the Kwese-Iflix bundles come in four forms, which are;

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

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