Zimbabweans Can Now Shop On Artienex, Zimbabwe’s Newest E-Commerce Platform


The invention of faster internet connectivity and powerful online tools has resulted in a new form of conducting commerce called E-commerce. With increasing the need of E-commerce industry, every businessman is looking to have an online store where they can sell their range of products and services.

That’s why one Zimbabwean company has decided to move with the times and launch an e-commerce platform called Artienex.

This is how Artienex work

The site is basically an auction type site where buyers/customers can bid for items listed by the seller. Any seller either individually or a company can open an online store with us and they can either sell an item at a fixed price or can opt for an auction sale. All auction will start from as little as $2.


Delivery of a bought item

Upon winning an item the seller is then responsible for posting the item through ZimPost only.

Do you pay anything to Artienex?

When an item has been sold the seller automatically pays Artinex $0.50 for each item sold.

What kind of products can be listed on Artienex?

Artienex says any type of product can be listed for sale on its platform. Obviously, it doesn’t accept illegal items like weapons and (illegal) drugs.

Is there security for a buyer and a seller on Artienex?

Artienex says;

We have therefore taken both customer / seller protection very seriously in that when a customer purchases an item from a seller he/she needs to make the payment in a secured money transaction and it stays there until the seller post the item and the customer acknowledges receipt of the goods and inspect if it is the right product or item. Upon receiving the goods or item the customer then releases the the money to the seller.

The Artienex platform could help sellers who are struggling to find a market to sell their products.

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