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Government Instructs Schools To Open EcoCash Accounts

EcoCash and telecash stands

We all know that mobile money platforms (particularly EcoCash) are now the de facto way of making payments by average Zimbabweans. If an organization doesn’t accept payment through mobile money these days then they stand to lose much revenue.

That’s why the government is now urging (and instructing) schools to accept mobile money payments. Such a stunt was taken after many parents complained that some schools in Mutare were demanding payments in cash and bank transfers but shunning EcoCash payments. In fact, some of the schools said that they didn’t even have EcoCash accounts to receive the school fees. Speaking about the issue, Manicaland provincial education director Mr. Edward Shumba said;

We have instructed schools to open EcoCash accounts in their names…Schools need to realize that in Zimbabwe there are many ways to pay for goods and services, EcoCash is one of them and not all money is in the form of hard cash.

It’s not surprising that schools have not yet embraced the new form of money, but it just doesn’t make sense. Besides the fact that mobile money payments account for over 80% of all electronic payments, many parents are receiving their salaries through mobile money accounts so it only makes sense for them to make payments using mobile money platforms. I’m reminded of the EcoCash Business Wallet which is a mobile money wallet that’s good as a bank account which organizations can use to receive mobile money payments and make payments with it as well.

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8 thoughts on “Government Instructs Schools To Open EcoCash Accounts

  1. I think the article needs to read as follows ;govt is urging schools to accept mobile money transfers of which Ecocash is one of them.

    Your opening sentence reads as if mobile money is called Ecocash.

  2. Ecocash has become more of a generic name for Mobile Money transfers just as People refer to Coke when they actually mean a Soft Drink. any soft drink.

  3. It’s about time. A significant number of the schools in question deliberately offered only cash or bank transfer options to parents. They were located in the lower income communities where parents would most likely not have access to banking services and so they were forced to make payments in cash….
    The result should be obvious…..

  4. If government is urging schools to embrace ecocash,telecash and one money, does it mean there is no plan to solve the ongoing cash crisis. Just wondering

  5. The way you advertise ecocash leaves alot to be desired.One would think you are.on their payroll because you never have anything negative to say about their product. May you try to write balanced articles in future.

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