Netflix Increased Subscription Fees For US Customers

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So while we were busy with our offline and blocked lives after violent protests sparked by the fuel price hikes, Netflix US went and hiked its subscriptions too. The U.S, Netflix’s largest market by far, was already paying more than anyone else for the privilege of accessing what is essentially the streaming giant’s most interesting entertainment library.

Unlike the previous price increase, those who have the American Basic package were not spared this time around. This technically means Americans now pay more than everyone to watch Netflix.

The new prices

PackageOld PriceNew PriceZim Price

Above are the old US Netflix prices and new prices compared. We have also included Zimbabwean prices for comparison purposes. It is important to point out that not so long ago Zimbabweans and Americans paid the same price to watch Netflix.


To be fair though the US library is so large that even after the current increase Americans are still getting the best deal. This is because their library is larger and has the best content making theirs the best deal still. In another article we looked at how you can minimise costs by teaming up to get an account.

Also note it is possible to get access to the US Netflix library even if you have a Zimbabwean account. All you have to do is make use of SmartDNS. One of my favourite is SmartDNSProxy. Coincidentally they have a free premium VPN service that allowed me to keep using WhatsApp through out the social media blockade.

The bad news? This is a paid service that will cost you about $25/24 months thus effectively increasing your Netflix subscription by one dollar. This will mean the Basic package will cost you $8.99 per month, the standard package $11 and the premium package $13. The only saving grace for SmartDNS is that it unlocks plenty of more services and not just Netflix.

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