Zim Is Open For Business? Econet Says “Its Not Business As Usual”

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Following the outage of its service over a week ago, Econet is asking it’s customers to stick with it in these harsh times. Econet highlighted the sharp increase in the cost of operations due to a disproportionate increase in fuel cost (fuel to power it’s sites) as the primary reason why things are not as smooth as they used to be.

Furthermore, despite the sharp increase in fuel price, Econet still can’t get enough supply of it for it’s 1300 base stations which are being overworked as it is. As for powering it’s sites with solar power only, Econet says they need $60 million to make that possible. In a full page ad in Sunday Mail and social media posts, Econet sai:


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4 thoughts on “Zim Is Open For Business? Econet Says “Its Not Business As Usual”

  1. Then come next quarter they’ll be declaring a massive profit despite us suffering together… 🤷

  2. Over and above ethics companies exist to extract profit… Sympathy is not a two way street for these guys

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