Local “Artificial Intelligence For Business” Course To Be Held In September

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Information technology and software services company Softclick Investments is hosting an Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Business course from the 24th of September to 26 October at Batanai Gardens.

The course is supposed to provide “practical, comprehensive training that enables participants to immediately and effectively partake in enterprise AI projects.”

Who is the course for?

The courses require no technical background and will be open to all “executives and professionals from all functions across all industries.”

What will you learn during the one-month course?

The course is structured as follows:

Duration: 5 weeks, 1 module per week
Participants will pick one group from the options below:
Group 1: Fifteen evenings 1800Hrs to 2000Hrs: September 2019, 24-26; October 2019, 1-3; 8-10; 15-17; 22-24
Group 2: Five Fridays 0830Hrs to 1600Hrs: September 2019, 27; October 2019, 4,11,18,25
Group 3: Five Saturdays 0830Hrs to 1600Hrs: September 2019, 28; October 2019, 5,12,19,26

During those five-weeks, the following will be covered:

  • Artificial intelligence in the Enterprise
  • Building an enterprise AI application: methodologies, data preparation, model training and evaluation
  • Basic AI techniques and algorithms: linear regression, neural networks, k-nearest neighbour, decision trees, k-means clustering, association rules, logistic regression, linear discriminant analysis.
  • Advanced AI techniques and algorithms: deep learning, social network analysis, support vector machines, ensemble methods, collaborative filtering, content-based filtering, time series forecasting, natural language processing
  • Case studies: price determination, customer segmentation, churn prediction, image recognition, detecting DDoS cyber-attack, recommendation engine, revenue management, sentiment analysis, building a chatbot, fraud detection, AI infrastructure
  • Model deployment
  • Ethical, societal and legal considerations

Desired outcomes include:

  • Identify tasks that can be automated by using AI
  • Use a structured approach to deliver AI projects
  • Identify business and technical objectives of an AI project
  • Build a team with appropriate skills for successfully delivering the project
  • Identify data sources and perform common data preparations
  • Apply appropriate techniques and tools to build effective AI models
  • Evaluate technical performance and fitness of purpose of AI models
  • Select an enterprise AI development platform
  • Use a modern AI platform to build and deploy AI models
  • Use the results from an AI application
  • Understand the ethical, societal, and legal issues associated with AI

At the end of the course, participants will earn a certificate. According to the course organisers, “the course prepares participants for exams for internationally recognized certifications from RapidMiner which has been consistently ranked a top three enterprise analytics and machine learning platform for the past 6 years by Gartner.”

How much will it cost?

You’ll have to part with RTGS$13300 to take part in the AI for business training course.

For those interested in registering, Deposit/transfer payments into the bank account below and email proof of payment to events@sdscope.com
Bank Name: CABS

Account Name: Softclick Investments   

Account Number: 1005111049

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  1. Annonymour

    This is too much and with only five days you won’t be an expert in AI. Artificial intelligence is not a joke or you think it’s very easy. No. The amount is too much. It’s maybe 20 US dollar for only 5days will be enough. If you go online with that amount on money,you will learn more than what is being offered by these guys.

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