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MisRed Helping Local Start-ups To Market Their Products On Twitter For Free

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If you are an entrepreneur who’s still trying to get their little company off the ground, it can be beyond your means to do a big marketing campaign to let the public know you. But fortunately, we are in the age of social media where a single marketing message can be heard or seen by thousands, millions or even billions of people.

As it happens, Popular celebrity, MisRed is now harnessing social media and her popularity to help local start-ups and SMEs to advertise themselves through an initiative called RedMarketSunday.

RedMarketSunday is getting popular such that in less than 3 weeks after its launch over 500 users/businesses have already taken part.

What’s #RedMarketSunday

Essentially, startups/small businesses posts a tweet stating what they do, their contact details (website, number or physical address) and then tag MisRed’s Twitter handle (@iMisRed). MisRed will then retweet the startup’s tweet. With MisRed’s retweets, startup’s have a chance of being heard or seen by at least 97 000 people and firms who make up MisRed’s Twitter followers.

But that’s not all. According to MisRed, RedMarketSunday tweets have so far garnered 8 million impressions, meaning that the tweets appeared to users in their timeline or search results 8 million times.

For this kind of service that MisRed is doing, social media influencers typically charge start-ups for it. Yet, here we are, MisRed is doing it for free- now you can see why this is a noble initiative.

What time does RedMarketSunday starts?

It starts from 12 pm and end at 6 pm.

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“What time does RedMarketSunday starts?” eh? LOL !!

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