November 2019 ZIMSEC O’Level Results Out Now, Check Them Online

Zimbabwe School Examination Council (ZIMSEC) has released the 2019 Ordinary Level examination results.

The Council announced that the candidates recorded a 33.9 % pass rate adding that results can be collected from respective examination centres from Thursday 23 January 2020.

Exam candidates will be able to access their results from 6PM by going to the ZIMSEC website.


ZIMSEC has also shared an Online Results Distribution Manual which contains the following instructions:

  • how to create an account on the portal
  • how to login
  • how to view your results

How to create an account on the ZIMSEC portal

  1. Go to the portal
  2. Click on “Register as new user”
  3. Fill out the information required (instructions will appear on the right side of the screen)

How to login

If you already have an account, you’ll want to log in:

  1. Go to the portal
  2. Enter your Username and Password as created at user registration
  3. Click on Login

How to view results once in the portal

  1. Once logged in select the Candidates Result option

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285 thoughts on “November 2019 ZIMSEC O’Level Results Out Now, Check Them Online

  1. I am trying to login but the website keeps giving me this error:
    An error occurred while processing your request.

    any idea on what to do?

  2. the processing error is occuring due to overload .the portal is obviously overloaded.and it can’t contain too many requests.I advise you to try later like 12pm when the pressure has been reduced . you will see your results don’t worry guys…….

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen…the results are out. The error you are getting is as a result of too many requests for the server..around 4:30pm i managed to access my sister’s results for her. So be patient…its different from the A level results we have a loot of O level candidates compared to the O level number

  4. This is whack, it’s a convenient and thoughtful to be able to access results online bit not when it’s not working and reliable

  5. ko kuzotaura panews @8 kuti “you can access your results on our online results portal” vachitadza kutaura kuti haisati yakuita

  6. Not working at all, next time try to be sure with your info before posting🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  7. Thank u zimsec it worked and l passed guys isai macaps pacandidate name and also password Zimsec345!

    Maiziya follow instructions

    Ps pacandidate name munoisa kaspace

  8. Quiet embarrassing passrate. Ndochii manje 33% like really!!!Zimbabwe was known for the best education ever, what is going on vana varikuenda nenzara kuchikoro or teachers are not happy with what they are getting. This needs serious attention cause if a child fails the teacher has failed as well period!!

  9. Zimsec people u are not serious with your work…..kana muchidaa mahumbwee find other countries to play…… U give us zvinhu zvisingashande…….who are you really…….Don’t play with our minds

  10. Kana pane pressure it means kuti myb 2 or 3 pple vavhura but handisati ndaona avhura s far!!!!zimsec may you send another link

  11. now yaakuti account already taken but if i try to login its saying account not yet activated…kurara ndakamuka sure kuti mwana aone maresults haayaas

    1. Haaah Zimsec zviiko zvamurikuda kupihwa mutiratidze maresults edu this is so furastrating since nezuro na6 chamurikuda kuti account yacho inogadzirwa sey now I’m confused and I’m imi boredom zvinobhohwa kutaura chokwadi

  12. now yaakuti account already taken but if i try to login it becomes blank…Zimsec is there another solution or your website needs some touch ups? Work on it and re-send the website

  13. Haa this frustrating am so confused with ur things haasi kuopener for the y haaa musajairire vanhu ..ndanzwawo neku tryer since yesterday buh hapana chabuda ndodii

  14. I have been trying to register since yesterday @1800, but still cannot get access to ‘my’ results. This system is frustrating

  15. Guys i have finally found a way around to register. Make sure the first letter of your user name is in caps, the candidate name is also in caps. The rest just follow what they advice

  16. I can not access my results since it is saying i have another tha has been regestered . Someone must have done it for me . So what do i do?

    1. its happening to me too. i think it accepted one of the times i was trying but if i try to log in yoti acc not yet activated

  17. An error occurred while processing your request. Since yesterday i cant even register to view my results online. Can you please improve the reliability of your portal, it seems it aint functioning quite well as we expect it to.

  18. trying again and again just to access the registration…..we gotta go and just collect from our schools……..thats the life lol……we just wanted to know wat we gonna collect so that ugare waziva level yestress

  19. Since 6pm yesterday until 0230hrs have been trying and getting many confusing responses.error occurred,candidate information not found in the system but was looking at my statement of entry,account already taken,account registration halted,service unavailable.if I try to reset the password worse account reset halted.if mistakes are made why can’t one just delete and make a fresh start.What is this ZIMSEC?

  20. You are working with strive masiwa you made us buy bundles for nothing when you know they are not working wasting our time and money you zimsec fools

  21. 😭😭😭😭😭you are stressing us here you zimsec guys making us buy expensive bundle for nothing please can you do something

  22. kutoita all nyt ndichiedza sezvinonzi ndikunamata. all im getting til now is An error occurred while processing your request. asi ndo ma reuslts acho

  23. this useless portal does not have a panacea to our requests let us go n collect our results in person rather than resorting to this mediocre site

  24. ive been tryin this portal thing since nezuro kuma6 and all i am getting is error what what…..haa ZIMSEC people fix your stuff…its very annoying, irritating n stressful knowing dat odas have seen their results yet all im getting is error.
    Musadaro guys..fix your stuff.

  25. Pleas update your server. So slow and ends up giving an error message. Needs and update already, work on it. Online service shouldn’t be this hard guys, COME ON!!!!!!!

  26. Guys, last night I kept on receiving an error message. Then I though, well, maybe the server is congested for now. I tried at 3am, still got the same error message but thought to myself, let me just try to login maybe this is just a network glitch. Then voila!! I got in and saw my fate. Guys try loging in even after receiving the error messages multiple times..might work for you too. Goodluck!

  27. since yesterday from 7pm i have been trying to view my results but it doesn’t work. It is saying that an error occurred while processing your request

  28. Have been struggling to register. Later on it’s says username is already taken. Now trying to login, I get error message at every attempt. Apa 2020 tirikuda kulauncher a satellite, really?

  29. Please kubva nezuro hre itai kut ma networks enyu ashande zvakanaka tanzwa nekutukwa mudzimba umu kut tirikuramba kutarisa ma results plz …….irikungit invalid attempt sja tiite Seiko

  30. Hazvishandi izvi. Kutosvinura neusiku ndichiti pamwe zvichaita nxaaa ndatsamwa mhani. Zimsec taurirai vanhu chokwadi. Bundle rodhura iri hama

        1. Yes mine is saying the same since yesterday but heard in the evening others saying they had managed to review their results. CONFUSED NOW !

  31. Have been trying since but funny part is saying reg halted. Candidate has already registered another account . How i was following all instructions

  32. So if someone open your it means you don’t access to you results that’s being ^$*@&(%^($
    you must do something about that that you can have access to yor results

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