NetOne Announces New Tariffs Being Effected Tomorrow

NetOne has joined Econet and become the second mobile network operator to announce their new tariffs for voice, data and SMS.

The voice tariffs being effected tomorrow will be cheaper than Econet -which is now priced at $1.50/minute.


For SMSs – local texts are similarly priced at $0.38 but international texts are almost twice the cost $4.27 whilst NetOne only sets you back $2.49.


When you use your bank’s mobile banking facility via USSD for example, your bank will be charged $0.3805 per session – similar to the new USSD/session.


NetOne subscribers will pay $0.29 whilst Econet subscribers pay $0.30, a marginal difference.

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3 thoughts on “NetOne Announces New Tariffs Being Effected Tomorrow

  1. There is a group of “useless” Mathematics I avoid at all costs. The Maths of trying to “save” every cent and lose the bigger picture. Effectively, there is no difference between these tariffs, at least at a personal level. Picture this: A “heavy” caller makes 500 minutes of outgoing mobile local calls. He “saves” 40 rtgs (USD 1) per month if he uses Net1 instead of Econet. Worth tge headache of calculations? NO.

    Poor people focus on minimising expenses, in the process losing the bigger picture of potential cash inflows.

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