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Foreign Exchange Auction results are in, “official” rate is 65.88

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Foreign exchange auction results are in. The rate is sitting at US$1.00 to ZWL$65.8765 (rounded up to 65.88).

The highest bid was ZWL$90.00 and the lowest was ZWL$30.00. The weighted average was ZWL$65.8765 an increase from last week’s ZWL$63.7.

The amount allotted was US$13 602 407.84 a decrease from last week’s US$16 321 028.61. (The total bids however amounted to US$15 872 481.93 closer to last week’s figure of US$16.3, Supply and Demand?)

Purpose Amount Allotted
Retail and Distribution 1,936,463.70
Agriculture 1,089,108.24
Construction, Engineering and Electricals 1,036,653.18
Energy (Gas) 575,421.34
Paper and Packaging 468,800.00
Consumables (Spares and Parts) 438,423.46
Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals 411,042.35
Mining 160,000.00

Check out our new Forex Rates page for the Old Mutual Implied Rate.

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5 months ago

Are this audited/auditable

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