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NMB launches new and improved internet banking

NMB Connect Online, visa, zero-rated, NMB Bank

NMB is phasing out their old internet banking platform – NMBDirect. NMB Direct is being replaced by a more feature-rich system called NMBConnect.

So what was wrong with NMB Direct?

Well the interface wasn’t so great. It looked old and clunky and it wasn’t something that one would enjoy using and a number of features were missing. Resetting passwords on old internet banking site was a nightmare.

Small things like logging in were a slag because you had to provide two passwords. Long story short, it just wasn’t the best experience and fortunately, NMB noticed this and made some changes!

Welcome, NMB Connect

So NMB Connect is the new internet banking platform and in much ways, it is an improvement. The new interface is much more modern and belongs in 2020 and beyond.

There are list of features you didn’t have before and these include bill payments, airtime purchase, ZIPIT transfers and bulk payments processing. The annoying password reset was addressed and clients can now add beneficiaries.

A few annoyances

Nothing is perfect and that applies to the new design! The most frustrating thing about the new design is the wording of things. Going through certain sections of the website, there were many times when it just wasn’t clear what NMB means. In the transfers section there’s a section with “Own transfer lists” and the button taking you to this is labelled “List own transfers”. There’s many of such instances where a simple explanation or clear labels would do a world of good for users.

Another frustration is with the revised bank statements page. On the old NMB Direct page, you could search for transactions by date. On NMB Connect you can no longer do that. Instead, you’re limited to a maximum of 3 months and can no longer search for specific dates. You’re also forced to view a few transactions and then download the statement which is a bit annoying since you could just view without downloading.

Overall, NMBs updated internet banking platform is a good step forward. The faults the platform has are not exclusive to NMB so one can forgive them for most of it since other banks are guilty of similar sins.

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2 thoughts on “NMB launches new and improved internet banking

    1. Old platform was way better in terms of ease of use. Inability of viewing transactions online is in in noway a minor issue. They use american date format, numbers have no separators, its not easy to find key functions etc. They should have just changed the colour scheme on the old platform instead of introducing an inferior product.

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