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Pensioners to get FCA cards, govt says it will pay for them

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Pensioners are a group that has been a little overlooked when it comes to how they received their US$ allowance. Civil Servants have been beneficiaries of convenient platforms as well as FCA Cards. In a report from Sunday Mail, RBZ Governor John Mangudya said that Pensioners will soon be getting FCA cards.

“It was brought to our attention and we recently met with the CEOs of various banks on the issue and they assured us that pensioners would receive their cards any time from now, as the cards are being imported”

Dr John Mangudya, Reserve Bank Govenor

The governor went on to say that they are putting pressure on the banking institutions to fast track the process. They hope that the situation is resolved in a couple of weeks.


“We also reiterated to the banks that the service will be free and the cost will be borne by the Government, so pensioners will get their money in full. All banks need to do is to send the invoice to us and we pay.”

Dr John Mangudya, Reserve Bank Govenor

There were reports that pensioners were facing a hard time while trying to access their COVID-19 allowance. The same report says that pensioners were reportedly allowed to liquidate on US$50 of the US$60 allowance over a two month period from July to August. This is what prompted the Reserve Bank to meet with financial institutions.

Hopefully the process to get Pensioners FCA cards doesn’t take any longer than the timeline given by the RBZ.

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