Govt says it intends to generate 100MW from wind farms by 2025


Hot off the heels of an exploratory Nuclear Energy announcement. The government has, in a report by the Sunday Mail, said it is looking to Wind Farms as an alternative to the existing hydroelectric and thermal power plants.

The idea of wind farms as an option for Zimbabwe isn’t anything new. Back in 2017 ZERA (Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority) made a call for research to be carried out on the feasibility of wind energy production in the country. The project was unfortunately put on standby after the funds available failed to match the prices they were quoted by the bidders.

However, now it looks like the purse strings have been loosened as the government is now able to pay for the research that will support, on-grid, grid-tied wind farms .


“There were issues of inadequate funds from the previous budget and we are now looking for additional funds to carry out a viable feasibility study which investors can bank on”

Zhemu Soda, Minister for Energy and Power Development

The ball is now in ZERA’s court as it will now conduct wind measurement research for the govt to meet its ambitious target of generating 100MW of power from wind farms by 2025.

Is wind a feasible option?

It all depends on the sites ZERA is able to identify. If they can find places that can deliver good enough readings and promising estimates then this is a win for us all.

What I am unsure of at this juncture is if they will be able to meet the 100MW goal by 2025. I’m not saying it’s impossible but where reports say they are and where they hope to be is separated by a lot of hard work and investment.

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Eng Nyahundi
3 weeks ago

since when is wind feasible for power generation in zimbabwe where speeds exceed 3m/s

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Time for change
3 weeks ago

More hot air
Pun intended

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