President Mnangagwa extends COVID lockdown by another fortnight

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa has extended the COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown by another two weeks. He cited that although infections have decreased over the last two weeks the number of deaths remains high. President Mnangagwa also said the following:

“Several countries globally and regionally are beginning to experience the fourth wave. Quite worrisome to us are trends in countries that are next to us. In almost all of our neighbours, infections have shown an upward trend.”

via Pindula News

Below are the restrictions that were instituted when the new COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown was announced just over a month ago.

1. Level 4 enhanced lockdown measures which take immediate effect, will run for a duration of two weeks, and will be reviewed thereafter;

2. Commerce and Industry are to open from 0800 Hours to 1530 Hours, in compliance with a general curfew running from 1830 Hours to 0600 Hours;

3. Industry to decongest workplace to 40% of manning levels, with the rest of the workers working from home. All companies are directed to observe all the Covid-19 World Health Organisation Protocols at the workplace;

4. Commercial transport is to remain operational, to allow the economy to continue to run, but all people must observe Covid-19 Protocols;

5. Intercity movements are prohibited, except for the production and distribution of food and medicines

6. Travellers from countries with Alpha and Delta Covid-19 variants, will be quarantined and tested on 1st, 3rd, 5rd and 10th day, at their own expense;

7. Those deported back to Zimbabwe will be subject to self-quarantine, or will be quarantined in identified places,

8. Travellers with fake Covid-19 Documents will attract custodial sentences;

9. A Covid-19 vaccination blitz will be rolled out in the border towns and cities, tobacco auction floors, grain marketing depots, cotton marketing depots, major construction sites, people’s markets such as Renkini and Mbare, and all hot spots;

10. Ministers and Parliamentarians will be dispatched to their Constituencies to disseminate information, especially on the vaccination programme.



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