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Razer releases finger sleeves to improve mobile gaming experience

I consider myself the textbook definition of a casual gamer.

I do play the more mainstream PC games – Halo, Far Cry, Tomb Raider, FIFA and so on. However, I can go for months without launching a PC game.

Most of my gaming is done on my smartphone, usually pretending to look busy to avoid human interaction.

The problem to be solved

While I do play puzzle games and the Toon Blasts of this world, most time is spent in games like Real Racing, Dream League Soccer, Shadow Fight 3 and of course, PUBG.

It is especially in games like PUBG that gaming on a touchscreen can be frustrating.

Put in some good minutes and your thumbs dry up and become too grippy, making movement cumbersome. Oil them up (usually with facial oils) and they become too slippery, messing up your accuracy.

Then the longer the gaming session goes, the hotter the phone gets. Play for long enough and the screen becomes a hot plate making every swipe excruciating.

Those are the exact problems that Razer wants to solve with the launch of gaming finger sleeves.

Razer gaming finger sleeves

The sleeves are made from “smooth, high-sensitivity fabric” which is woven together with highly conductive fibre.

The sleeves therefore enhance touch sensitivity and response. Say goodbye to fingers sliding much too easily and quickly on a glass screen. Good grip is guaranteed for the whole session.

It doesn’t stop there, the smooth fabric reduces excess friction, fixing the dry finger grippiness I talked about earlier.

There’s more, the fabric is said to be lightweight, breathable and sweat-absorbent . This means the fingers are kept cool and no longer will sweaty, oily fingers compromise aim and control.

The Razer gaming sleeves will also act as a buffer between your thumbs and the searing glass surface during those long sessions.

So, all in all, the sleeves seem to fix all the frustrations one runs into when gaming on a touchscreen.

Considering how mobile gaming is a career for some who play professionally, these sleeves should drastically improve their experience and therefore performance.

The sleeves could be the difference between winning a gaming tournament and falling at the last hurdle.

Gaming sleeves to distract from iPhone event

Let’s not kid ourselves, the sleeves are a weird product. Two little sleeves that you slip your fingers into. Not the whole hand, two separate sheaths for two separate fingers.

For a second, one is forgiven for thinking this is all a joke. A bogus announcement meant to steal thunder and divert some attention from the iPhone release. Though bogus announcements are a thing come iPhone season, the gaming sleeves seem legit.

Of course, the timing of the announcement is meant to both capitalize on the hightened state of tech journalists during iPhone season and to undermine said attention.

When we consider the many weird products that Razer has released over the years, we quickly realize the Razer gaming finger sleeves are real and are coming to our thumbs later this year.

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2 thoughts on “Razer releases finger sleeves to improve mobile gaming experience

    1. I guess a couple extra milliseconds of response time won’t hurt. And when my nephews along with millions of other kids see their sponsored Pro Gamer heros with these on, it will be GG from long suffering but supportive parents around the world!

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