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Local filmmakers! the ZIFF has a US$500 short film competition

ZIFF short film

The Zimbabwe International Film Festival (ZIFF) has announced two short film competitions both with a first-place prize of US$500.

Smartphone short film competition

The first is a smartphone challenge that is running under the theme “My Heritage” and is open to anyone between the ages of 14 to 34. Entrants must shoot a short film (on a smartphone) not exceeding 5 minutes and music videos are not accepted.

Any entries must be a narrative and the stories should have well defined and strong characters.

The Hi-Five short film competition

This second competition is running under the same theme as the smartphone short film competition and the video length is the same (under 5 minutes). There are no age limits for this one, however, music videos are not permitted.

Both competitions are open to Zimbabweans both at home and in the diaspora. Applications close on the 19th of November 2021, and you can find the forms with the link below:

*ZIFF Short Film Submission Form*

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12 thoughts on “Local filmmakers! the ZIFF has a US$500 short film competition

  1. Amana kaaa the ignorance of Zim people has reached to such a level here …akomana an event titled “Zim International Film Festival” and the price money is a meagre 500 bucks nyangwe kuomera kwacho vakomana…These lads are just taking advantage of your desperation and ripping you off of your ideas i dont know why its hard to see what is really taking place…. Your ideas ,your creations after freely giving it to them will be pitched to another for lucrative profits ana musoro bhangu ngwarai zvimatsotsi izvi 🤪🤪🤪 @StaffWriter what you are doing is bad and deep down you know it that it is just a data mining of ideas …..kungoti africans they dont know the true value of an idea/concept ..

    1. There is always that guy, that knows it all and sees conspiracy everywhere, but does not have a single fact at hand.

      This not the first time they have held such a competition, neither have they ripped off anyone’s ideas in prior competitions.

      I wouldn’t be amazed if this chap is already recording his submission, whilst discouraging others… 🤣

      1. I am not a film maker neither am i a conspiracy theorist just saying after the hard labour the price money is just whack. If you appreciate something you pay good monies for it 🤪🤪🤪 I wouldnt be suprised if you are not part of the team organising such a whack event..If the prize was a quality machine a good HD camera or maybe a scholarship to study a filming course would have been better alas they is always that jerk that sees good even in the darkest hour kkkkkk Dambudzo Marechera once said that “thoughts that think in straight lines cannot see round corners…”

        1. It’s a voluntary competition, so those like you who think it’s spare change, do not need to participate. That’s also assuming one can ONLY be financially motivated to compete and that the financial reward is all that one stands to benefit. They are also not buying your film, it remains your film, so noone is obliged to pay you “good monies”, though you may get good exposure which in turn may yield “good monies”. Don’t look to others to solve your hunger. I trust your brilliant ideas and way of thinking have made you wealthy… 😏 If so, please, show everyone else how to properly host a competition 🤣

  2. Real actors like Gringo were looked down upon down to the grave.Why nt endorse those already in the industry…

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