ZIMOCO brought its very best to ZITF2022, Merc, Haval, GWM, Jeep & more

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Day 1 of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair was a little lacklustre. Most of the exhibitors were still in various stages of setting up their stalls and installations. However, by the time Day-2 rolled around things were truly up and running and in our travels, through the ZITF2022 exhibition, we were given a tour of the ZIMOCO stall which had every brand the company sells.

The showpiece car was the absolutely jaw-dropping Mercedes E53 AMG which according to the folks from ZIMOCO was already sold. The car sports an inline 6-cylinder engine churning out around 430BHP through a 4matic+ all-wheel-drive system and a crazy 384 pound-feet of torque at 1400RPM.

You can check out the whole tour of ZIMOCO’s ZITF2022 stand and short reviews of all the cars with the player below. Alternatively, you can check out directly on YouTube with the link here

That’s not all that the company had on show on Day 2. They also had a wide range of the popular GWM P-Series trucks, I haven’t been the biggest fan of the GWM for the longest time. However, when I was taken through the specs, they are some pretty competent vehicles.

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