Want To Be An African Venture Capitalist? Dream VC opens applications for 2023 programs

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We talked about Dream VC, the investor accelerator, last year. To refresh your memory on what that means, they run intensive remote programs teaching and training professionals to work in or excel in the Venture Capital Industry in Africa.

Not much has changed in the grand scheme of things when it comes to the number of African investors. Most investment into African startups is still coming from abroad and Dream VC is looking to change that.

Where Google’s Black Founder Fund looks to get Africans some Western funding, Dream VC looks to empower Africans to join the venture capital industry. Thereby reducing the need to turn to foreign capital, if possible.

Last year we talked about the Launch into Venture Capital and Investor Accelerator they ran. Dream VC says both programs were wrapped up successfully.

As was the case in 2021, Dream VC says in 2022, 85% of their graduates went directly into new roles in VC post graduation. In addition, multiple fellows took on new senior positions in African and African-focused funds.

To date, they have trained over 80 fellows, some of whom have “gone on to launch investment funds, set up accelerators and startup hubs and join new and established investment funds across Africa and beyond.”

2023 programs

Dream VC is back and will accept applications for the now-familiar programs from today, the 13th of March for 2023. The two programs are:

  • The 3-month-long Launch into Venture Capital (LIVC) Program runs from June to Late August.
  • The 5-month-long Investor Accelerator Program runs from June to October.

What to expect

The LIVC Program is ideal for junior professionals and graduates who wish to gain skills and break into entry-level roles (interns, analysts, associates) in VC and investment firms.

LIVC is structured like a boot camp, with predominantly skills-based training throughout the program. It’s basically a crash course into VC, teaching fundamental venture capital skills like due screening,
analysis, due diligence and more. Fellows would also be trained on post-investment value add and startup

The Investor Accelerator Program is geared towards mid to advanced-stage career professionals who
have the capital and experience to begin investment activities upon program completion.

It covers over 800 hours of on-demand content and multiple weekly lessons across skill-building, theory, fundamentals, venture capital, and angel investing, covering many topics, from VC 101 to Fund Launch and VC Career Development. Fellows should be ready to begin investment activities or to launch an initiative of their own upon program completion.

How to apply

If that sounds good, you can fill in the linked forms below to apply. Applications close on the 16th of April.

The interview process involves motivational questions, a video assignment, and interviews with past fellows and Dream VC staff.

Dream VC is encouraging you to apply. Although be warned, the application process is competitive and they say that if the past is anything to go by, they have an acceptance rate of only 10%. It’s not too bad, right? On Zimbabwean hopefuls, Dream VC co-founder Mark Kleyner says,

We are very keen to see more applicants from countries like Zimbabwe this year. Dream VC’s mission is to catalyze the next generation of African ecosystem builders across the continent, and we haven’t yet seen as strong a presence in parts of Southern Africa. There are unique challenges faced when building up the venture ecosystem infrastructure in any country, but the potential and talent opportunity is definitely there, so I’m very excited to support any aspiring investors and ecosystem builders in Zimbabwe

For more information about these programs, you can visit the Dream VC website.

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