Zimbabwe and regional technology news and updates

Imets is Zimbabwe’s version of Instacart and more

When it comes to Zimbabwe’s eCommerce landscape I like to consider myself to be a leading expert. I have had my finger on that pulse for almost a decade. There is hardly a store or app that I am not familiar with or so I thought. Over a month ago I wrote about how we […]

How to install the latest npm on Ubuntu 20.04

Not so long ago the only thing I needed to learn in order to create plugins for my blogs was PHP. I could farm out the JavaScript and CSS parts of development to freelancers. With the recent versions of WordPress however, more and more code is in JavaScript so I decided to learn JavaScript deeply. […]

Basel Institute says Zimbabwe has high levels of corruption

The Swiss-based Basel Institute on Governance, an independent non-profit group dedicated to preventing and combating corruption and other financial crimes recently labelled Zimbabwe a high-risk country. Zimbabwe was ranked the 12th riskiest country out of 110 covered countries in the Institute’s 10th edition of the Anti-Money Laundering Index (AML) of 2021. The group had no […]

The government needs to fix its forex auction

The RBZ’s foreign currency (forex) auction system is fundamentally flawed. The government instead of blaming the black market should be looking at how they can make the auction better because it, rather than the black market, is the real reason why the economy is being held back. The black market only exists thanks to the […]

Office 2021 which is compatible with LibreOffice is coming out tomorrow

Everyone has been raving about Windows 11 and how it’s a game-changer but tomorrow is a special day at Redmont, not only is Microsoft releasing its latest version of Windows. They are also releasing the latest version of their popular Office suite. Office 2021 is coming out tomorrow and if you are a free software […]

Google to add more context to search results in a bid to fight fake news

Google the makers of the internet’s leading search engine have announced that soon they will release an update that will see more context being added to search results in a bid to fight fake news and misleading information. This will be done through a new tool called About this result which was released back in […]

You shouldn’t buy a phone from China online unless you have no other option

I have been a proponent of online buying for a long time. Those who have been reading Techzim articles for a while know that I have reviewed and recommended several Chinese e-commerce sites that sell good tech gadgets at affordable prices. Also, the first smartphone I bought was from China so again I know quite […]

Amazon to take on Tesla-bot with their tablet on wheels

Do you remember Elon Musk’s creepy robot that I said was not useless? Well, Amazon recently unveiled their own called Astro. It looks even creepier than the Tesla bot with a look ripped right out of some Sci-Fi movie and based on what Amazon have to say for themselves it will be of some use […]

Netflix is getting really serious about games

A few months ago Netflix made a rather startling revelation when it announced that it was going to diversify its business by venturing into the gaming market. They have since unveiled a couple of games in a few countries in Europe and initial results seem to suggest that they are not faring badly in the […]

Zimbabwe finally launches a more secure COVID vaccination passport

A couple of weeks ago I railed at the fact that Zimbabweans were being issued COVID-19 vaccination passports with a handwritten card whenever they took up the government’s vaccination offer. Well, it seems the government has finally delivered on their promise to make more secure verified computerised COVID-19 vaccination cards/passports. According to state-owned ZBC, the […]

Racism and cancel culture: Should R Kelly’s music be banned?

If you missed it, famous American singer Robert Sylvester Kelly, whom you probably know as R Kelly has added a new label to his name. He is now a convicted sex offender after being found guilty by a jury of his peers of numerous sex-related offences. Thanks to the world we live in, that’s probably […]

Dear government, threats make people mistrust the system more

Recently stakeholders in Zimbabwe’s health sector shared some concerning but not unexpected tidbits about Zimbabwe’s auction system. They said that it takes up to 10 weeks instead of the promised 24-48 hours for beneficiaries to receive their allocations. This naturally had negatively impacted their operations. Instead of listening to these and other concerns about the […]

Facebook halts the development of Instagram for kids in the wake of damaging leaks

Facebook has been battling a series of damaging revelations made by the Wall Street Journal and picked up on by other major publications around the world for the past few weeks. Most of these revelations are backed by a series of leaked internal documents in possession of the Journal. When I wrote about the issue, […]

How to watch Udemy videos on your TV

Having pivoted from the finance world to the tech world, Udemy has been instrumental in helping me acquire some much-needed skills in my line of work. I am not a ninja developer but I can fix bugs and create simple plugins for my sites. Again I have mostly Udemy to thank for that. I do […]

The RBZ’s auction system takes up to 10 weeks to process payments

While there was a mere 10 ZWL or so difference between the black market and official rate when the RBZ’s auction system was introduced last year, black market sellers and buyers are now using a rate that is almost double the official rate. Naturally, this has meant that a lot of SMEs and large corporations […]

Google is now 23, here is how the company has changed how we use the internet

Google turns 23 this week. I was a wee lad when Google was founded back in 1998 and the only knowledge I had of computers was from the “Demolition Man” and Angelina Jolie’s classic “Hackers”. It was only later that I touched one when I was in my last year of high school. It took […]

Leaked documents show how Facebook doesn’t care about its users

Before I begin I must confess that these days I am finding it harder and harder to like Facebook. Every time when I am about to forgive them for something untoward we learn of another thing then another and another. The only conclusion I can reach is that Facebook really is a company that doesn’t […]

If you install Windows 11 on an unsupported PC, you will not get updates

Windows 11 is coming out on the 5th of October, just over a week from now and Microsoft is making final preparations for its official release. One such preparation involves making those who try to install Windows 11 on unsupported hardware agree to special terms which makes it clear that if they do go ahead […]

ContiCash now allows you to buy up to US$50 at the official rate

A few weeks ago we scoffed at the announcement by the Monetary Policy Committee which said that individuals would now soon be allowed to buy up to US$50 from Bureau de Changes at the official rate. That scepticism was based on history. We have heard such announcements before and nothing has come out of it. […]

Apple’s Foundation is Game of Thrones lite in space

Will anyone ever make an epic series as riveting and enthralling as Game of Thrones? Perhaps but Apple TV’s new show Foundation is not that series. That’s not to say it’s bad. It’s just different, entertaining sure, but it’s not just as captivating as the early seasons of Game of Thrones were. It is comparable […]

The EU must go after the broken Android ecosystem next

There is no denying it, the Android ecosystem is completely and well broken. Without external help, it’s doubtful that Google and the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in charge of the Android project will ever get it fixed. I am talking about the issue of updates and patches. Right now everyone does pretty much what they […]

Ubuntu releases another version of 18.04 & extends support for two previous versions

The first time Ubuntu 18.04, Bionic Beaver, was released was back in 2018 as the numbers in the name suggest. Recently, however, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu were forced to release another version of the operating system specifically version 18.04.6 This is just not any other update it’s actually a “new version” that was necessitated […]

Soon there will be an official way to download YouTube videos on desktop

YouTube apps on various platforms already allow you to download some videos for offline viewing but those who use browsers have always had to rely on third-party tools and sites. That is about to change soon as YouTube is currently testing a feature that allows users to be able to download videos in Chrome for […]

Do you have an SA DStv account? You can watch all SuperSport channels for free this weekend

South Africans are starting the weekend early as it’s Heritage day tomorrow so today is the last day they are going to work. There is also a bit of cheer for them and those Zimbabweans who “illegally” have DStv South African accounts-you can watch all SuperSport channels for free no matter what your package is […]

Unhappy SABC is still pushing for a TV tax

South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) is struggling to make people pay for their TV licences just like our own ZBC is struggling to convince/compel Zimbos to do the same. The parastatal firmly believes that part of the reason for this is because of the old fashioned way in which TV licences are administered. They want […]

There are “backdoors” in some Xiaomi and Huawei phones: Lithuania government

The government of Lithuania had some rather strong if not downright hysterical advice for its citizens. It said that they need to throw away their Xiaomi and Huawei phones soon as possible. This is because the country’s authorities claim, they have found what are essentially backdoors in these phones that will allow the Chinese government […]

Ktube Media Downloader lets you download YouTube videos easily on Linux

I always like to tell people about how I have been using Linux as my primary operating system for over ten years. I love Linux, I understand it, it’s free and above all, it fits my workflow in a way Microsoft’s Windows (with all its goodness) probably never will. That also means I love and […]

DStv doubles down on its local content strategy with two new exciting shows

Faced with a deluge of streaming services eager to take slices of its territory, DStv has been banking on two Aces up its sleeve. First, there is the usual indomitable exclusive access to Sports card that worked so well against Kwese TV (may it continue to rest in peace). Then there is the local content […]

DStv South Africa ventures into the internet with enticing packages

While we have been busy writing DStv’s epitaph it seems it’s the tidings about the satellite provider’s impending death has been greatly exaggerated indeed. Once again Multichoice has shown that while it is indeed in the fight of its life with streaming companies like Netflix eating into its market share it’s far from done. Over […]

U.S authorities can’t decide whether to put Honor on the naughty list or not

U.S authorities are spooked by a rising and more assertive China. The Asian country seems to be pivoting away from being the manufacturing hub of the world to being a technology leader in itself and it seems the U.S and its allies don’t know how to react to that. Under Donald Trump, America began a […]