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Mozambique’s Vodacom cuts of TMcel in a fight that’s eerily familiar

Starting tomorrow, Thursday 17 June, Mozambicans with TMcel lines will no longer be able to call their counterparts who are on the Vodacom network. This is because Vodacom has decided that it will cut off TMcel over an unpaid debt of about US$9.6 million dollars. That bill represents unpaid interconnection fees that TMcel has not […]

RBZ’s Financial Intelligence Unit names & shames auction abusers

It has been a couple of weeks since the government/RBZ introduced its latest shock grenade in the form of Statutory Instrument 127 of 2021. They riled the entire economy by trying to dictate what exchange rate businesses use when conducting operations. They also banned USD cash discounts and any incentives to induce USD payments. This […]

The upcoming version of WordPress will support WebP

I don’t often write about WordPress, the popular CMS (content management system) that powers both Techzim and all the sites I work with but today I decided to make an exception as I couldn’t contain my excitement. The next coming version of WordPress, version 5.8 which is coming out on 20 July, will have native […]

Now that the free ride is over here is how to expand your Google Photos storage

Prior to this month, you could upload high-quality photos (refers to size) to your heart’s content. Google Photos didn’t have a cap, however, that’s no longer the case. Now free users are limited to 15GB of storage which might seem like a lot but actually isn’t depending on how many photos you want to back […]

Where and how to watch Euro 2020 matches

The delayed European Championships (Euro 2020) started in earnest last night when Italy the hosts crashed hapless Turkey. The final score was 3:0 in favour of Italy. Over the next 30 days, 50 matches will be played all of which will be broadcast live on various platforms. So which one is more suited to you? […]

Reminder: You can open FBC savings or current account using their app

This is what banking should be.

Get up to 50% discount on your Showmax subscription, here is how

The maths checks out. This is a good deal.

Powertel launches payment service known as Dial-a-Payment

Powertel wants you to call someone so they can do what you can already do yourself.

DStv South Africa launches T.U.M.I the chatbot

The bots are taking over!

YouTube has updated its terms again, YouTubers take heed

Another change in terms!

WhatsApp to introduce flash calls as a way of verification

Those who have had issues when it comes to verifying/logging into their WhatsApp after completing an install already know that there are two ways to verify your WhatsApp installation. There is the usual SMS verification where WhatsApp sends an SMS to your phone. For the most part, this is automatic, WhatsApp automatically detects this SMS […]

Trump will come back to Facebook on 6 January 2023

The return of Donald Trump.

WhatsApp multidevice support is coming in two months

Multi-Device support is coming

Netflix might be forced to reduce its South African library to comply with the law

At least it’s not a statutory Instrument

Huawei’s Harmony OS is not a fork of Android but it is also a fork of Android

No, that headline is not a mistake. Huawei says their much-touted operating system, Harmony OS is ready for the big unveil. The company has said that it will start updating over 200 devices with the new operating system. Harmony OS is Android but it is also not Android. This is because Harmony OS, from the […]

Some Zimbabweans report being kicked off Coinbase & Binance platform

A number of Zimbabweans have revealed on social media that their Binance and/or Coinbase accounts were recently restricted. They were then asked to withdraw their funds to other wallets or risk losing them. After that their accounts were permanently deactivated. In all instances their offence seems to have been that they are Zimbabwe. One user […]

Microsoft introduces its own command line manager, winget

One of the slights often thrown at Linux during the “Linux is a cancer” days at Microsoft was that it was made for amateurs and nerds. The evidence was there for all to see, Microsoft executives would always boast. The biggest drawback was that Linux heavily relied on the command line even when it came […]

Punished for downloading Ubuntu via torrent

When the machines take over.

How and where to watch the Friends Reunion special

The One where they get back togeth

Reminder: Google Photos is ending its unlimited offer on 1 June

A big deal that’s not a big deal.