Author: Garikai Dzoma

Bridgerton is a fanciful Shonda Rhimes Netflix production starring a Zimbabwean

One of the few reasons to tolerate Bridgerton is that a Zimbabwean is part of the main cast but in my opinion, it offers little else.

Cell C is shutting down, perhaps Telecel should be taking notes

Telecel and Cell C share a lot in common and what latter has been doing recently could serve as a viable strategy for the former.

The “it looks like you” virus hits Zimbabwean Facebook accounts

Beware of the “it looks like you” messages making the rounds on Facebook. Someone might be trying to hack your account, so here’s how to stay safe.

Cool your jets Telegram and Signal, Zimbos are never leaving WhatsApp

Even though WhatsApp has enraged people with its privacy policy requirements, Zimbabweans are not going to move off the platform anytime soon.

I blame the 2% tax for the US$2.5 million robbery and others

Prof Mthuli’s 2% Tax is among the contributing factors to the increasing cases of robberies like the one that happened yesterday in Chinhoyi

[Updated] ZOL Wibroniks has an annoying WhatsApp problem

A rant about ZOL Wibroniks, it’s WhatsApp issues and the fruitless back and forths with ZOL’s customer support.

Lockdown fatigue being made worse by whirlwind policies

The lockdown was a necessary healthcare measures but the hoops people have to jump through in order to exist within it are needlessly cumbersome.

Fearful Huawei finds comfort in Deepin Linux on laptops

Whenever people discuss the problems Huawei is facing due to the so-called Trump ban the conversation rarely strays from the smartphone discussion and yet Huawei is more than just a smartphone company. Their product line is every bit as extensive as Samsung’s. They don’t just make expensive phones like the P40 Pro, they also make […]

Breath new life into your router with OpenWrt

If your router has stopped receiving firmware updates, don’t despair Openwrt might be the solution you need to keep your router up to date.

The only thing Netflix’s “How to ruin Christmas” will ruin is your holiday boredom

A holiday Netflix African original content recommendations list including, Blood and Water, Kings of Jo’Burg and the top pick How to Ruin Christmas.

How To Use Cloudflare’s Warp+ VPN On Ubuntu Linux

Here’s how you can use Cloudfare’s Warp+ VPN on Ubuntu Linux

Zimbabwean banks should develop local WhatsApp based payment systems

WhatsApp is the internet in Zimbabwe, everyone uses it, that being said we need more local payment solutions through the app.

We are relying too much on Google, here is how you can free yourself from its shackles

We rely far too heavily on Google and its services and with the outage that happened yesterday, you might want to look for some alternatives.

The Huawei story: Do you really need Google Apps on your phone?

A phone without Google Apps can still be a very good device and in some parts of the world, you might not even really need Google’s services.

Two essential tricks when sharing large files using WhatsApp and Telegram

Here are a couple of cool tricks you can use the next time you want to share large files over WhatsApp or Telegram

DStv launches its streaming only service in South Africa, the pricing doesn’t make sense

DStv has launched its streaming only service in South Africa. Now, even if you take a cursory glance at the prices they don’t make much sense and here’s why.

Windows is now 35: Here are my first memories. What are yours?

Windows is now 35, here’s a trip down memory lane. This doesn’t have to be a soliloquy, feel free to share your experiences with the OS.

Zimbabweans left out of the Black Friday frenzy

Black Friday, a shopping event enjoyed the world over but businesses in Zimbabwe, for the most part, don’t really make a marketing push for it.

NDS1 is the government’s greatest show yet

Zimbabwe’s most recent economic revival plans are now a trilogy, will the NDS1 be any different from the last?

What’s Netflix Mod and why you should never use it

It is an understatement to say 2020 has been an unusual year. Thanks to Covid-19 a lot of people have spent entire months cooped up in their houses stuck with their spouses and children and unable to go to work. To preserve their sanity a lot of people turned to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon […]

The truth about DroidVPN and other free internet tools

For more than a year now there has been a lot of people ‘hacking’ their way to ‘free’ internet on NetOne. Convince themselves it’s no crime

A case of living by social media: the very public death of Ginimbi

Just as much as Ginimbi lived his life on and for social media, his death has been on every post almost- are we now junkies?

Having Trouble Creating A Kwese Account? You Are Not Alone.

On Monday morning ZOL delivered on its promise and started handing out it’s Roku Powered Kwese Play box for free to qualifying customers. The box is supposed to also come with 12 months of free Kwese iFlix. Creating a Kwese account might be an issue As soon as you boot the box for the first […]

ZOL Now Giving Their Roku Box For Free

When ZOL hiked their internet prices they also mentioned the fact that they would be giving out their Roku Powered Kwese Play Box to qualifying customers for free together with 12 months iFlix. Well today is 1 April, and no this is not one of those cliche April Fools jokes. Starting today if you are […]

Kwese Goes Local With Wedding Diaries

Today Econet subscribers received a message telling them to buy iFlix bundles so they can watch a show called Wedding Diaries. This appears to be a new local show sponsored by Kwese which is available on their streaming platform: iFlix. Local is lekker! Catch the Zim show, Wedding Diaries on Kwese iflix where couples share […]

MTN Is Going To Realign It’s Tariffs Too

One by one Zimbabwe’s Telecommunication companies have been hiking their prices. They have all been saying the same thing: It’s RBZ governor Mangudya’s fault that we are doing this go ask him. Welcome to the New World of RTGS$. MTN goes for hikes MTN has decided to follow suit. Naturally they are not calling it […]

It’s Not Just ZBC, SABC Is Also Struggling To Pay Musicians

Many artists, I mean musical artists here, relied on radio and TV in addition to cassette sales back in the day. In case you were wondering, a casette was like this giant thing, the size of a laptop hard rive, that you had to stick in your radio in order for it to play music. […]

MTN Copies Techzim, Launches It’s Own WhatsApp Airtime Service 😉

Weeks ago Techzim launched it’s own WhatsApp airtime service where you can easily buy airtime from within the comforts of WhatsApp. Well, MTN could not just help themselves and in a fit of jealousy, they too launched their own WhatsApp bot-shamelessly calling it the world’s first. We are not going to make this a race […]

In Mankosi Village You Can Get One Month Uncapped Internet For Less Than $2

While Zimbabwe’s Internet Providers are busy hiking internet costs beyond the reach of many and sadistically calling in “price alignment”, in Mankosi village in South Africa you can get one full month of internet for $1.70. That’s RTGS$5.10 in case you think I misplaced a comma somewhere. An eye-popping cheap figure by any measure. That’s […]