Author: Garikai Dzoma

Showmax is running a 3 months for the price of 1 promotion

Where there is a will there is a way…

Grace Mugabe’s name is being used in a “Nigerian Prince” or 419 scam

If it’s too good to be true, well… I’m sure you know how that ends.

New YouTube tax rules expose the folly Mthuli Ncube’s Netflix & Facebook taxes

In the end it all falls on the people…

WhatsApp is tweaking its disappearing messages timer

Telegram and Signal are doing disappearing messages better…

Goodbye LastPass, hello Bitwarden

Move over LastPass

TelOne introduces data sharing, a first in Zimbabwe

One of those things that every ISP should have already been doing…

Showmax’s Crime and Justice is both different and familiar

Definetly worth a watch.

A Spotify bundle will be a very bad thing indeed

Introducing a Spotify only bundle will have the same effect that the WhatsApp bundle has had on other messaging platforms like Signal and Telegram

WhatsApp should bring back the annual fee option

A paid tier for WhatsApp would probably make more money for Facebook than what it will get from the data it will use to send ads

Britbox is coming to South Africa, all Zimbabweans can do is enviously look on

BritBox is coming to South Africa, this on top of all the services like Spotify that seem to miss Zimbabwe even though we are in the same content region as SA…

LastPass password manager is making some devastating changes to LastPass Free next month

LastPass is making some changes to it’s very useful free tier that will affect the internet security for a lot of people who rely on it.

YouTube has changed our lives forever

The advent of YouTube brought about a spring of unbridled creativity that would not have been possible had we still depended on ZBC.

Setting up the perfect web-development environment using docker and ZOL

I have to admit I am as far from winning the world’s best web-developer as it gets, but I give it my best. And also I mostly develop for myself apart from the very rare and little WordPress PHP snippets I have shared with my even more technologically inept friends. Recently though I found myself […]

ZESA beware, solar is now cheaper than Eskom power

ZESA better be on the look out because Eskom’s rates are being undercut by the emerging off-grid/grid-tied solar movement.

I have been running an eLearning site for six years, here are the lessons I have learned

Here are some lessons about venturing into the elearning space a developer or someone who is looking to start a service over the many platforms available.

Huawei and other Chinese firms team up to take on the West

Huawei has teamed up with other Chinese device manufacturers to take on the West in their bid to get back in the game.

How to restore Ubuntu’s EFI partition in Ubuntu 20.04

How to reinstall Ubunti EFI partition after accidentally deleting it in Ubuntu 20.04

It’s about to get worse for Huawei, they will soon lose more Google apps

In a recent discovery by the folks over at XDA, Google Messages will be unavailable on Huawei in the very near future.

Bridgerton is a fanciful Shonda Rhimes Netflix production starring a Zimbabwean

One of the few reasons to tolerate Bridgerton is that a Zimbabwean is part of the main cast but in my opinion, it offers little else.

Cell C is shutting down, perhaps Telecel should be taking notes

Telecel and Cell C share a lot in common and what latter has been doing recently could serve as a viable strategy for the former.

The “it looks like you” virus hits Zimbabwean Facebook accounts

Beware of the “it looks like you” messages making the rounds on Facebook. Someone might be trying to hack your account, so here’s how to stay safe.

Cool your jets Telegram and Signal, Zimbos are never leaving WhatsApp

Even though WhatsApp has enraged people with its privacy policy requirements, Zimbabweans are not going to move off the platform anytime soon.

I blame the 2% tax for the US$2.5 million robbery and others

Prof Mthuli’s 2% Tax is among the contributing factors to the increasing cases of robberies like the one that happened yesterday in Chinhoyi

[Updated] ZOL Wibroniks has an annoying WhatsApp problem

A rant about ZOL Wibroniks, it’s WhatsApp issues and the fruitless back and forths with ZOL’s customer support.

Lockdown fatigue being made worse by whirlwind policies

The lockdown was a necessary healthcare measures but the hoops people have to jump through in order to exist within it are needlessly cumbersome.

Fearful Huawei finds comfort in Deepin Linux on laptops

Whenever people discuss the problems Huawei is facing due to the so-called Trump ban the conversation rarely strays from the smartphone discussion and yet Huawei is more than just a smartphone company. Their product line is every bit as extensive as Samsung’s. They don’t just make expensive phones like the P40 Pro, they also make […]

Breath new life into your router with OpenWrt

If your router has stopped receiving firmware updates, don’t despair Openwrt might be the solution you need to keep your router up to date.

The only thing Netflix’s “How to ruin Christmas” will ruin is your holiday boredom

A holiday Netflix African original content recommendations list including, Blood and Water, Kings of Jo’Burg and the top pick How to Ruin Christmas.