Author: Garikai Dzoma

Facebook Finally Goes After White Nationalists (Terrorists)

Facebook has finally caved in to pressure from activists. From now on the social media giant will block “praise, support and representation of white nationalism and separatism” from its two platforms: Facebook and Instagram. This is after the social media giant was sued for allowing a video showing the Christchurch mosque shootings to be uploaded […]

Zim Artists Venture Into 4K Land

Right now Jah Prayzah and Winky D are hot items. Their last few videos have blazed past the 1 million views mark at breathtaking pace. Given our internet population hitting a million views here is like hitting a billion views in the US. Their videos have also become much more slick and thoughtful. They, Winky […]

When It Comes To IPV6 Adoption Zimbabwe Is Second In Africa

If you have at least a basic understanding of how the internet works you have heard this countless times before. The majority of the internet uses IPv4 addresses like to pinpoint and identify each connected device and these are running have run out. “I am a little embarrassed about that because I was the […]

Delhi Crime Is A Rivetting And Heart Breaking Story

Apple’s Apple TV+ are the new upstart crows in the game and Disney+ is expected to arrive this year. They are shiny new and exciting but I have to say Netflix is the deserved champion of the streaming wars. One of their latest originals Delhi Crime is just even more proof of this.   The […]

US Man Arrested For Keeping TV Sent To Him By Mistake

It’s a moral dilemma we have all faced at some point. Someone drops their precious bond notes in front of you. Would you warn them or even better, pick them up and hand them back. Or would you wait for them to move on before picking those up and shoving them into your pocket and […]

Internet Speed Challenge, How Fast Is Yours And What’s Enough

When I lie asleep at night I often dream of my internet. I dream that I live somewhere in North America where internet is cheap and I have a 1 Gbps symmetrical line. The comedown comes when I wake up to the sound of our annoying house bird and realise I somewhere in my beloved […]

The Death Of Masterpass Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

A few weeks ago I received a message in my personal inbox from MasterCard. The impression I got was that they were killing Masterpass service. Turns out I was totally wrong and MasterCard have been in touch to clarify certain things to me. Masterpass is only pulling the official separate Masterpass app which they say […]

Is The Government Going To Hike Fines Too?

When hyperinflation was at its peak the Zimbabwean Parliament came up with a novel way to solve the fine (old people call these faindi) problem. Instead of actually stating the fine an individual is supposed to pay as an admission of guilt they came up with a sliding scale starting from level one to level […]

#PDF: Public Accountants And Auditor’s Board Issues Forex Guidelines

You might or might not have noticed it too but it seems a lot of businesses including banks have not been publishing their accounts in the press as they used to. By this time most entities whose trading periods end in December would have published their Audited financial statements by now. You can blame the […]

The Post Office Is Dying While Everything Else Continues To Grow

Several years ago, in a humorous article, if I must say so myself, I lamented the dearth of the postman. Through no particularly profound insight on my part, I foretold the impending demise of the Post Office. When I was a toddler the cheapest and easiest way to communicate was via the Post. You walked […]

There Is Evidence That Mobile Network Operator’s Promotions Are Working

I am one of the people here at Techzim who is always scoffing at promotions run by the three mobile network operators that we have. I am far from being the only one. The evidence we have always used to prove our conclusion has bee to look at the number of subscribers before and after […]

Telone Confirm That They Are Going To Increase Tariffs

Like clockwork, most large businesses have been using the RBZ’s latest Monetary Policy Statement as an excuse to hike prices and all of them are putting a spin on it.  Well, Telone are taking the same road which is becoming a well-travelled road indeed. You see the governor said all prices of goods in Zimbabwe […]

Time Of Reckoning For The UK As Brexit Deadline Looms

You might have heard of Brexit. This was a decision by the United Kingdom (sometimes known as Great Britain) to leave the European Union. It has a serious impact on technology as the UK plays a critical role within the EU when it came to technology. The deadline for Britain to leave the EU just […]

Google Confirm They Are Shutting Down Inbox

In September last year, Google wrote the obituary for Google Inbox and announced that the product would be killed at the end of March 2019. Well, we are in March 2019 and Google have confirmed that they are going ahead and terminating Google Inbox at the end of this month. If you are one of […]

Econet Rubbish Blackout WhatsApp News Report

Yesterday we published a post were a WhatsApp based news alert service, Kukurigo, claimed that Econet was on the edge of a catastrophic precipice due to foreign currency shortages. Well, Econet has come out and explicitly denied the report is true. What Kukurigo said According to these Kukurigo guys they had classified intel from Econet […]

Bulawayo Teachers Refuse To Use Haunted Lab

In an episode right out of the movie Ghost Busters, teachers at a school in Bulawayo are refusing to use one of the laboratories at the school claiming that it is haunted. Even after the government’s “ghostbusters” went over the lab exorcising it of spirits the teachers would not budge. What happened is that back […]

The Interbank Rate Is Just Another Legal Form Of Daylight Robbery

I have to be honest prior to the announcement of the latest Monetary Policy we all knew that the Bank needed to float the bond/RTGS and allow them at market rates, I was sure they would not do it. You see our current in general government and the RBZ in particular hate not being in […]

WhatsApp Based News Services Claims They Can Explain The Real Reason Behind Econet’s Network Outages

A few weeks ago something that we all thought was unthinkable in today’s world happened. Econet went down and most subscribers with the country’s largest service provider could not make or receive calls or do anything really. As I have said Econet is a big deal since they have the largest amount of subscribers in […]

The Widow Is Another Barely Watchable Insult To Africa

I have to be honest when Amazon gets it right they do it right. Case in point their take on Tom Clancy’s character Jack Ryan. It is a riveting tale of deceit, murder and terrorism. Usually nowadays when T.V shows dish out episodes on the subject of terrorism it usually involves handsome, fearless macho American operatives […]

Zimbabwe’s Economic Future Is Promising: Robertson

In the latest Monetary Policy, the Governor of the Reserve Bank did something radical. He floated the “local currency” which is now being traded at the so-called Interbank market rate. This is something his predecessor, the much loathed, Dr Gideon Gono would never have permitted. Apparently this act in itself was enough to impress local […]

#Watch: The Samsung Galaxy S10E Is Not For Left Handers

The guys at The Verge have passed their judgement on the Samsung Galaxy S10E. It’s a great phone that will probably appeal to a lot of people especially those who are not enamoured by the big phone movement. However, there is a small problem. The phone has a power button fingerprint reader. It’s easy to […]

NetOne Is Busy Dishing Out Free Weekly Data Bundles

Several NetOne customers have reported receiving messages from their mobile operator telling them that their accounts had been credited with free 7 days data bundles. According to the message this is some form of compensation for the downtime customers suffered during the fateful third week of this year. Dear Valued Client We have credited your […]

Zimbabwe Ratifies Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

Last month Zimbabwe became the latest country to ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT). The then President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe had signed the treaty on behalf of our country back in 1999. It took us a whooping 20 years to actually legally recognise the treaty. In our defense we probably were too busy with the […]

Xemplar And JMP Africa Partner To Offer Car Insights And Insurance To The Zimbabwean Market

Move over Car Track and Econet Connected car, we have a new player in the game JMP Africa. Their car insights offering ( think something along the lines of Google Analytics here but for cars) allows car owners, including private and public vehicle owners, the ability to manage and track their vehicles or fleet in […]

Paynet Goes Down Due To Forex Issues

Another day another service goes down due to foreign currency issues. Yesterday it was Econet’s Self-service platform today it is Paynet. If you visit their website right now you will be greeted by an error message saying the service is down due to forex issues. SERVICE IS UNAVAILABLE The Paynet platform is temporarily inaccessible due […]

If You Are Confused By Yomix Bundle Pricing You Are Not Alone, We Are Confused Too

For most people, including myself Yomix bundles are awesome. I have been using them ever since they were introduced and despite some of Yomix’s shortcomings, such as an unexplained downtime a few weeks ago were we were told engineers were working flat out to restore service, I have to say this is a great service. […]

[Updated] Econet Self-Service Portal Is Down Right Now

[Update] Please note the Econet self-care portal now seems up. The article however is still a fun read and most of the stuff we said here is very much still relevant. [Original article begins here] Econet’s system challenges continue and right now the latest victim is their self-service portal. Granted this will most certainly not have […]

MasterCard To Kill The Masterpass App: Here Is Our Obituary

MasterCard have sent out an announcement to customers informing them of the impending demise of the MasterPass App. Although their communication does not clarify what will happen to this service killing the app will in essence spell doom for the service. Here is a copy of the email they send out the customers: Hello, You […]

The Ministry Of Information And Publicity Is Embarking On A Digitisation Exercise

When it comes to adopting emerging technologies governments are not known for taking the lead. It has been decades ever since the digital age blessed us with its presence and at least one of the government’s departments in the person of the Ministry of Information and Publicity has decided to go digital. The Ministry of […]

How To Remap The Keys On Your Computer’s Keyboard In Linux And Windows

Here is one of those things you probably did not know about me. I touch type. Okay. Even though I spend hours on my computer I rarely ever look at the keyboard. All I have to do is to reach for the F and J keys and I am good to go. My fingers will […]