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Zimnat Launches New Brand To Push Motor Insurance

The insurance industry is going through a shake-up and industry giants are preparing to face-off with network operators with such as Econet and NetOne. Network operators are hedging on network effects to disrupt a number of industries. One of the industries at risk of being turned upside down is the insurance industry. In the face […]

How African Leaders Can Finance Development And Transformation

There is an African proverb that says the eater of a goat pays back a cow. For years African countries have focused their efforts in securing financial aid from Bretton Woods institutions and others for development and transformation. Unfortunately, this has proven to be an expensive, unsustainable model as the loans from these institutions have […]

Here Is A Platform Where You Can Sell Your Skills To Those In Need Of Them In Zimbabwe

A little extra income is always welcome, and it might be no further away than the ends of your fingers. Most of us are using the Internet already to find information, but you can also leverage the power of the Internet to market your freelance skills. It’s may not be comparable to a full-time income, […]

Prices Now Valid For 24 Hours In Certain Shops As Bond To USD Rate Spikes

Over the past two weeks the Bond/USD rate has spiked from around fifty-something percent to over a 100% and the shops are beginning to react. This most recent spike places sellers between a rock and a hard place because they have to price their goods accordingly and these prices may not look appealing to buyers. […]

You Can Now Make DStv Payments With ZB Bank

ZB Bank customers can now pay their DStv subscriptions at any branch. But there is a catch. You only can pay if you bring your physical US dollars. Oh! it’s not a catch apparently because all banks that are processing DStv payments require their customers to bring physical US dollars. Yes, there is need to […]

We Finally Have Details On FBC’s Kwik POS Machine Targeting SMEs

Last week FBC started advertising their new Kwik POS machine, and whilst it was very apparent that this would compete in the same space as Steward’s Kwenga POS device many other details were left to the imagination of the public. We contacted FBC when the news broke but it seems the support desk was not […]

Zim Central Bank Registered 19 Microfinance Institutions In The First Half Of 2018

According to a report in the Herald, the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe opened 19 microfinance institutions during the first half of 2018. Though the Empowerbank launch was publicised by the government more overtly, the RBZ has registered 18 such institutions and some of the other institutions include Mula Microfinance and Raysun Capital. Overall, there are […]

[Breaking] FBC Introduces Kwik, Their Own Version Of The Kwenga POS Machine

FBC is introducing a POS machine targeting SMEs, which makes them the third bank to have a similar device (CABS and Steward Bank debuted their own devices last year). We are still trying to get more information about the device as pricing and whether or not FBCs Kwik POS is bringing a new twist to […]

Here’s An Article From Mthuli Ncube, Zimbabwe’s New Minister Of Finance, We Like The Focus On Startups

By Prof Mthuli Ncube We published the following article 3 days ago on the 4th of September. Today Prof Mthuli Ncube has been announced as the new Minister of Finance and Economic Development for Zimbabwe and thus we think it is important to republish this article. This is how the man tasked with the very difficult job […]

Stanbic Bank Just Stopped Processing DSTV Payments Owing To The Bad “Prevailing Economic Environment”

Just a few days after the swearing-in of President Mnangagwa things have taken a turn for the worse, with foreign currency virtually vanishing even on the black market. And Stanbic Bank has reacted to this by effectively stopping the processing of DSTV payments owing to the prevailing adverse economic conditions. In a text message sent out to […]

Government Instructs Schools To Open EcoCash Accounts

We all know that mobile money platforms (particularly EcoCash) are now the de facto way of making payments by average Zimbabweans. If an organization doesn’t accept payment through mobile money these days then they stand to lose much revenue. That’s why the government is now urging (and instructing) schools to accept mobile money payments. Such […]

This Is The State Of The Payments Sector in Zimbabwe

It is human nature to assume that one’s experiences are similar to everyone else’s. Living in urban Zimbabwe, it is easy to forget that over two thirds of Zimbabweans live in rural areas and oftentimes their experience living in this country can be worlds apart from their urban counterparts’. For instance, access to electricity in […]

Your Company Is Lost If It Doesn’t Have A Chief Technology Officer As A Board Member In Zimbabwe: Here Is Why

Today’s global economy is powered by technology, from insurance, banking, marketing, news, education, health, communication in Zimbabwe it is hard to imagine a modern business that does not rely on technology to serve its customers, transact with partners, and enable employees to work effectively and efficiently. Technology is the prime tool for growing any business […]

How Is The Contested Election Result Affecting Zimbabwe’s Re-engagement Plans?

There is no sufficient word to describe the last ten months in Zimbabwe. We saw events we never thought we would get to see in this ‘peace-loving’ nation of ours. Each of those events had a profound effect on the outlook of the ordinary citizen. A nation accustomed to hardship in the last two decades […]

POSB Urges Customers To Update Their Banking Details

People’s Own Savings Bank, more commonly known as POSB has put out an update calling on all clients to update their information in a customer information update exercise they are carrying out. You can read POSB’s notice below: Our Valued POSB clients Visit any POSB branch and update your details for your convenience. This is […]

Steward Bank Introduces A New Platform For The Diaspora To Access More Financial Services

Steward Bank (Steward) has just launched Square World, both a payment service and a platform which enables the Zimbabwean diaspora to access various financial services provided by Steward. Essentially, cuts out middlemen who have been facilitating the payment of services and accessing of financial services for the Diaspora. Square World provides the diaspora access to (almost all) banking services […]

Payments Summit To Be Hosted To Educate Consumers Of Dangers They Face In A Cashless Economy

With the digital age raging on there has never been a better time to go cashless. I’m not talking about cashless in the manner we’ve come to understand as Zimbos, but rather a cashless society created out of convenience and not necessity. For the third year running, Vukani Communications will be hosting The Cashless Payments […]

NMB Bank Encourages SMEs To Make Use Of Its Advisory Services For Their Growth And Development

NMB Bank is calling for Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to utilize advisory services offered through its dedicated branch, NMB SME Banking Unit. Mr. Erasmus Bhunu, NMB SME Banking Unit head said his bank will support the development of SME’s by discussing with its SMEs clients about their needs (both financial and non financial) and in turn advising […]

CBZ To Invest $120 000 In Start-ups And SMEs All Over Zimbabwe Through Its Youth Entrepreneurs Programme

CBZ Holdings is going to channel $120 000 into Youth Entrepreneurs Programme (YEP), its programme that aims to promote youths to build profitable business ventures. The YEP programme is in its second year running after it was introduced back in 2016. CBZ’s interest in youths seems to be have found a new impetus given that […]

South African Bank Launches ‘Whatsapp Banking.’ Yes You Read That Right.

If you follow news from our neighbour down south, you may have heard that Absa –the financial institution- recently rebranded. Maybe a less reported aspect of this rebranding was the fact that they also announced what they are calling ‘Whatsapp banking’. I only got to stumble upon this after someone likened Absa’s Whatsapp banking to Whatsapp […]

Shares Anyone? 2100 Open Accounts On Online Trading Platform, C Trade In Just 2 Weeks

C-trade, the online trading platform which was introduced midway this month has already seen 2100 retail investors creating accounts on the platform. Through this platform, investors are able to deposit money via banks and mobile money wallets, then go to the capital market (Zimbabwe Stock Exchange) and buy shares, sell them and withdraw back that […]

Whatsapp To Bring Payments To Their Messaging Platform Soon As They Get Green Light From Indian Government

Whatsapp is under pressure in India. The Indian government recently accused Whatsapp of inciting the recent mob killings in India and the government basically asked Whatsapp to deal with the fake news problem, or else… With Whatsapp users in India making up a large part of the messaging services  overall user base, Whatsapp has reacted […]

Facebook Share Value Drops By $123 Billion In An Instant: Here’s what $123 Billion Dollars Means To Zimbabwe

Facebook lost 123 billion dollars in just two hours after it announced its slowest-ever user growth rate indicating that its revenue growth would go down. It’s share price fell by more than 20 percent (huge) after it announced its Q2 results.This has happened before but not to this extent. The stats that led to this […]

Nicoz Diamond Think Tank Competition To Be Launched Tomorrow, This One For Student Innovators

Nicoz diamond in partnership with BOOST Fellowship is hosting an innovators competition launch tomorrow the  27th of July 2018 at Nicoz Diamond HQ  from 1 p.m- 3p.m. They will have a workshop and give more information about the competition. So far we know that it is a competition targeted at but not limited to attached […]

Insurance Regulatory Body, IPEC Believes Blockchain Would Help Increase Insurance Penetration In Zimbabwe

The insurance regulatory body, Insurance and Pensions Commission (IPEC) is contemplating to bring in blockchain technology into the insurance sector as a way of increasing penetration by drawing an emerging batch of prospective customers who are tech-savvy. The insurance industry like many other industries can benefit from blockchain technology as it can be used to […]

How To Come Up With A New Business Idea

I have been to many business workshops and everyone says that for you to be successful you need to solve a problem. Which is true but I think now our thought process is how can I make money? Oh yes by solving a problem. Which problem can I make the most money from in the […]

Ecocash Agents Shocked To See Tax Deductions From Their Commissions, Ecocash Explains

Ecocash agents were shocked to find 10% deducted from their accounts. Some said this was the first time this was happening and accused Ecocash of stealing from them. Below are messages some of the agents received.   We reached out to Ecocash and this is what they had to say. Here’s the position: Agents have […]

Netone Gives $5 Airtime As Compensation To OneMoney Debit Card Users Who Experienced Challenges To ‘Swipe’ Over The Weekend

Surely Netone’s action is something other service providers should copy when they inconvenience their customers. I couldn’t believe it when we discovered that Netone gave its OneMoney customers $5 worth of airtime after the customers experience some challenges in using their OneMoney debit cards over the weekend. Many OneMoney users took to Twitter to vent […]

Econet To Pay Out A Dividend Of $20 Million; Possibly Excess Cash And No Forex Contributing To The Decision

Charles Banda, Econet Secretary says Econet has declared a dividend of 0.77 cents per share amounting to $20 million for the first quarter ended 31 May 2018.The dividend will be paid out on 7 August and will be levied a 10% withholding tax Companies in Zimbabwe. The shares will trade cum-dividend till July 31 while […]

Gilbert Eugene Peters, One Of 4 Zimbabweans In This Year’s Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 List

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