ZSE Direct now has a mobile app

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ZSE Direct Mobile app

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) has announced that it has launched an app for its online “Direct” trading platform.

Introducing the ZSE Direct Mobile App

It has been one year since we launched the web based version of ZSE Direct, an online trading platform that enables retail investors a smart way to manage their ZSE investments and view their CSD holdings. We are proud to have evolved over time and introduced key features that have made the ZSE into a friendly and yet sophisticated market especially for our retail investors. The key features that has assisted investors on the web based version of ZSE Direct include;

• A user friendly interface

• A view of one’s portfolio

• Market Statistics

• Market Depth

• Price range on both sell and buy tabs

Through the feedback received from our valuable clients, ZSE Direct added the odd lot feature, where clients are able to place bids or offers for volumes from 1 up to 99. To ensure that clients reinvest their proceeds faster, ZSE Direct Instant was also added ensuring that all sell proceeds from successful matched and confirmed sell orders are credited to the ZSE Direct wallet of clients on the same trading day.

We are excited to be launching the ZSE Direct Mobile App with effect from 04 October 2021 with all the key features that are available on the web based version. The ZSE Direct Mobile App is currently available on Google Playstore for Android users, with plans to make it available on Apple Store in the shortest possible time.

Your continuous support and valuable feedback will elevate the growth of ZSE Direct, and we will continue to enhance ZSE Direct Mobile App with more features that promote Financial Inclusion and participation.

For more information, email zsedirectAzse.co.zw For and behalf of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Justin Bgoni Chief Executive Officer Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Limited Date of Issue: 04 October 2021

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You can download the app with ZSE Direct mobile app on android with the link here

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  1. D1vant

    Is it zero rated?

  2. Tinashe

    Why do we still need Stock brokers… I thought you could buy and sell without the need for middlemen via the App.

    1. Anonymous

      Same reason you need an electrician for your house. You can still do it by yourself but…

  3. tjaymac

    Which broker should I select?