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Watch: Panel Discussion On Recently Gazetted Cyber Security & Data Protection Bill

We joined Open Parly’s Nyasha Mukapiko, MISA Zim’s Nompilo Simanje and Pearl Matibe -a columnist based in the USA- to discuss the recently gazetted Cybersecurity and Data Protection Bill. The topic of the discussion was “Cybersecurity and Data Protection Bill: Implications on the Freedom of Media”: Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to […]

Twitter Divides User Base With New Feature

Last night, Twitter announced a new feature that will allow users on the social media platform to control who can reply to tweets. The feature will work in a pretty simple way. Before sending out a composed tweet, users will be able to choose who can reply with 3 options available; Everyone, people you follow […]

Sasai Now Supports Voice/Video Calling With Upto 20 People

Sasai has announced a new promotion that will enable users to participate in video calls with up to 19 other users. The service has been branded Sasai TeamTalk and will be available between 8am and 5pm every Sunday until the end of the month. Press material shared by Cassava takes a swipe at WhatsApp for […]

Guy Uses Machine Learning To Help Him Count How Many Times Noku From Wadiwa Wepa Moyo Says “Hesi”

Stumbling upon this pointless but intriguing video made my day yesterday. Usually when we talk about machine learning and programming – it’s rarely this light-hearted. A student from HIT – Tatenda Mushaya made use of Machine Learning techniques to attempt to figure out how many times Noku from Wadiwa Wepa Moyo says “Hesi”. If you’ve […]

Twitter Sees Surge In Users Due To Covid-19

A lot of the huge tech companies have seen a bump in usage and consumption induced by the Novel Coronavirus and our staying at home as a result. For Twitter – the surge is usage has resulted in 32 million extra daily users compared to the start of 2019. The 166 million current daily users […]

Wadiwa Wepamoyo Proves There Is Appetite For Local Shows

[Image Source: College Central] Last week, Wadiwa Wepamoyo’s first season came to an end- yuhp, all good things must come to an end. Whilst fans took to Twitter and WhatsApp to ask whether there’ll be a second season for the show, I’ve been more intrigued by how the show can act as the catalyst for […]

Strive Masiyiwa Gets More Interaction Than Zuckerberg & Bill Gates On Facebook

Recently published data from analytics company Crowd Tangle shows just how popular Econet Wireless Global CEO Strive Masiyiwa is compared to other business leaders on Facebook No other business leader gets as many interactions Because Mr Masiyiwa is constantly posting and interacting with his followers on the social media platform he ranks first for interactions […]

Facebook Expands Coronavirus Info Center To More Countries In Africa Including Zim

Facebook is expanding its Coronavirus Information Center to 24 more countries in Africa -including Zimbabwe- as part of its ongoing commitment to empowering people around the world with timely and accurate news from trusted health authorities. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Center is featured at the top of News Feed and provides a central place for people to keep informed about the […]

If Unlimited Video Calls With Up To 50 People Are Your Thing, Check Out Facebook’s Messenger Rooms

Facebook has launched a competitor to Zoom Meetings and Skype video conferencing products – Messenger Rooms. FB Messenger already had video calling functionality but that was limited in terms of the number of participants and required that participants have Facebook accounts. Messenger Rooms ramps up the limit to 50 people maximum per video call and […]

YouTube Bans Coronavirus Videos That Contradict WHO Advice

YouTube has announced that it will remove any content they deem as “medically unsubstantiated”, following misinformation regarding the novel Coronavirus. So people saying, ‘Take vitamin C, take turmeric, we’ll cure you,’ those are the examples of things that would be a violation of our policy. Anything that would go against World Health Organisation recommendations would […]

Facebook Invests US$5.7 Billion In Indian Telecoms Company

Tech companies have an interesting relationship with India. The country’s cheap data has meant that for smartphone manufacturers – getting their devices in the hands of as many Indians as possible has always been a priority. For social media and messaging companies, this cheap data has meant many Indians can utilise their applications unlike in […]

Man Behind Fake Lockdown Claims To Appear Before Courts

Last week, President Mnangagwa spoke to ZBC about fake news and the consequences of sharing misinformation during the COVID-19 lockdown. In the interview, the President made it clear that one individual who circulated a fake document – which made it seem as if the President had extended the lockdown- was being looked for by local […]

Zim Social Media Users Fall Under 1M As Cost Of Data & Electricity Woes Become Clearer

We Are Social’s Digital Report on Zimbabwe is pretty telling of just how impactful the floundering Zim economy on Zimbos usage Even before statistics started coming in from the likes of POTRAZ – data usage is on the decline, I think the assumption for most was that we’re using the internet less because of two […]

Why Did Zim’s Ministry Of Information Twitter Account Get Suspended?

Zimbabwe’s official Ministry of Information Twitter account got suspended at the end of March and without the Ministry of Information speaking on it it’s been pretty difficult to know what exactly is the reason behind that suspension. Why was the account suspended? Twitter accounts can be suspended on the following grounds; Spam – If the […]

[Video] Zim’s Decade Of Social Media (2009-2019)

Ever wondered what Zimbabweans were doing on the internet the past 10 years? Well here is a visual of how social media tastes of Zimbabweans has changed over 10 years. If you have any stats you like to see presented in this format do let us know in the comments. Enjoy. Quick NetOne, Econet, And […]

A List Of COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories & Misinformation You Should Avoid & Never Spread

This is a list of the most popular conspiracy theories making the rounds regarding the Coronavirus. We’ve made this list and will continue to update it because people continue sharing falsehoods in relation to Coronavirus. Please share this with your loved ones and remember before sharing any theories you hear regarding the virus (and other […]

Organisations Offering Essential Services Will Now Be Able To Post Jobs On LinkedIn For Free

Social media companies usually get a lot of negative media for how they handle data and address a bunch of problems on their platforms, but their responses during the Coronavirus have been commendable. Facebook and Twitter have been battling with misinformation on their respective platforms. LinkedIn has announced a host of measures to help businesses […]

Snapchat “Social Distancing” AR Filter Helps Users Stay Safe During Coronavirus Outbreak

Popular social media app, Snapchat has added two Social Distancing lenses in collaboration with the World Health Organisation. “My Social Distance” lense encourages users to maintain social distancing by creating an AR circle on the ground to visualize what a safe distance is between you and the next person. If there’s no one in the […]

Netflix & Chill Is Possible Even During The 21 Day Lockdown – Here’s How

If you read the title and thought to yourself, “Netflix and chill??? What’s that?”, then I am obliged to tell you that age is catching up with you… Unfortunately (just Google!), I can’t fully explain what Netflix and chill is on this blog but involves going to someone’s house and watching Netflix with them. As […]

“Don’t Comment On What We Say,” Health Minister Reads Riot Act To ‘Social Media’

In a 6 minute video clip about COVID 19 control measures by government, Health Minister Obadiah Moyo spent a third of that time addressing journalists and social media. Here is where the threats start: Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our […]

Masiyiwa Urges African Govts To Mobilize Their Healthcare Workers In Fight Against Coronavirus

Econet Wireless Global Chairman Strive Masiyiwa shared a Facebook post encouraging African governments to equip their healthcare workers and systems with adequate resources to fight COVID-19. In the lengthy post, the businessman also suggested that African govt’s avoid copy-pasting western methods of dealing with the pandemic due to social differences. You can read his post […]

ED’s Law: 20 Years In Prison For Fake News During Lockdown

I still stick to my position that policing fake news is dangerous no matter the circumstances. Therefore the law just passed is in my book a deadly precedence (just like a coup DE tat for that matter). Besides being a very bad thing to do, policing speech is a losing battle. I guess a few […]

Hey President ED Laws Against Social Media Won’t Work, You Already Shared What Works

There is indeed a serious problem of misinformation, alarmist type information and general fake news regarding the COVID 19 pandemic. I am thus going to assume the president is sincere in wanting to protect the country from this ‘infodemic’ as the World Health Organisation called it. Towards the end of his address announcing total lockdown […]

Zororo Makamba Dies Of COVID 19, Zimbabwe’s Health Minister’s Lies And The Danger

On Saturday the Minister of Health confirmed that there were two new confirmed COVID 19 cases in Zimbabwe. Other sources were saying there were actually two new cases bringing the total confirmed cases to 3. Word started spreading on social media that one of the two new cases was Zororo Makamba a media personality and […]

President ED Says He Doesn’t Follow Social Media

During the President’s national address wherein he declared the Coronavirus a national disaster, the President also informed journalists present and the nation at large that he doesn’t follow social media. One of the questions presented before the President was in regards to the information circulating on social media where claims that the University of Zimbabwe […]

Twitter Accounts To Follow For Coronavirus Updates

The greatest benefit of social media is arguably its ability to democratize information. Whilst that comes with pitfalls such as misinformation one can argue that sometimes the misinformation is unavoidable and doesn’t taint the overall purpose of social media. With the Corona Outbreak spreading rapidly and its impact on the global economy and health system […]

Australia Hits Facebook With US$529 Billion Lawsuit

Australia has filed a lawsuit against social media giant Facebook accusing the company violating the country’s privacy policy and FB could pay as much as $529 billion. Australia accuses the social media company of violating the privacy of as many as 311 127 Australians by sharing their information with the This is Your Digital Life […]

EcoCash Distances Self From Fake Customer Service Number

EcoCash took to their social media channels to warn subscribers using the mobile money service to avoid interfacing with a certain fake support number claiming to process instant renewals. The fake support number has been associated with the following message: Econet Urgent Notice Don’t be delayed by calling EcoCash for reversals and hanging transactions simply […]

Here Are The 10 Worst Battery Draining Apps

If you’re like the rest of us normal folk, you spend a lot of time feeling anxious about the battery life of the computer you move around with. No, not your laptop, but your smartphone. If that is indeed the case, a good place to fight that anxiety would be to acquire as much knowledge […]

WeChat Accused Of Censoring Coronavirus Related Messages

WeChat has been censoring messages about Coronavirus since January, according to research conducted by Citizen Labs. Citizen Labs says the Chinese Super App “censored coronavirus related” citing that both critical and neutral information were not immune from censorship. The scope of the censored content was expanded last month with the following types of corona-related content […]