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Telecel Unearths Recharge Cards Fraud Worth US$ 1.7 Million

Telecel Fraud

Telecel FraudTelecel, the second largest mobile operator in Zimbabwe, confirmed today that it has unearthed a recharge cards fraud worth US $ 1,7 million.

The unscrupulous Telecel employees involved in the case, swindled the company through issuing recharge cards and starter packs using manual invoices, an invoicing method long banned by the company.

A Telecel spokesperson had this to say:

Investigations that have so far been carried out have resulted in disciplinary action being taken against members of staff involved. The company wishes to assure members of the public that all necessary steps have been taken to ensure that such fraud is not perpetrated in future.

The discovery of the fraud comes at a time when the company is modernising and expanding its operations to catch up with its hugely successful and fast paced rival, Econet Wireless.

Internal fraud is typically hard to deal with and the Telecel story is hardly uncommon. Econet itself has had its fair share of fraud problems.

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