A Google Map of ZOL Wi-Fi Hotspots in Harare

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

We thought we’d do a map of all the Wi-Fi hotspots in Zimbabwe to help people locate the nearest hotspot from any location. We started with the ISP that has a good number of them dotted across the country, ZOL. Because of that, this is by no means exhaustive.

There are more hotspots in Zimbabwe and if you know any we didnt include here, please just tell use where it is and we’ll put a marker on it. Better still, open the map in Google Maps, login with you Google account and make the changes yourself! Once we have enough hotspots from different providers we’l drop the ZOL title and pin the ZOL tag to specific hotspots.

We hope it helps you find a hot spot near you!

View ZOL Wi-Fi Hotspots in a larger map


  1. joseph

    Hi Guys check out the map on our site of all the restaurants in Zim – we intend to do a separate ICON for the one’s that have a Zol spot

  2. joseph

    Keg and Maiden is now called Maiden Public House

    1. rashid
  3. Kabweza

    Thanks hey. Added a few more spots from your map!

  4. Kabweza

    corrected. thanks much!

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