Telecel Pushes Mobile Internet Launch To Next Year

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Last week left a lot of mobile users asking questions about Telecel’s data services. Econet’s pricey mobile broadband and Africom’s (and PowerTel’s) lack of coverage outside Harare has increased the calls for an alternative. And many believe Telecel has the much needed international backing from its Egypt based parent company, Telecel Globe, to provide an alternative.

We went right ahead and asked Telecel when it’s going to happen. The response was basically that we all need to wait a bit longer. Back in June in this year, Telecel told us it it’d launch mobile internet at the end of September. This obviously didn’t happen. So we asked them what’s taking so long. Here’s the full text of the response:

There are three issues that have slowed down the deployment of Telecel’s 3G data services.

The first and by far the most important issue is the continued difficulty in accessing the sea cable across the border from either South Africa or Mozambique. Without the necessary bandwidth, there will not be enough capacity to provide a quality service to our subscribers.

The second reason is due to delays in building a reliable transmission backbone that will carry this data across the country. We are few months behind schedule in this regard.

The last problem has been with finding the best method to bill for the consumption of the data.  We want to be fair to our subscribers so that they are paying only for what they use and so that the service is available to as many subscribers as possible and that the price is affordable.  This requires the deployment of specific technologies and extensive testing.

Most of these issues have been addressed or will be addressed by the time we launch, which will most likely be early next year.


  1. Thuba

    I love Telecel, slow but sure.. we believe u will help us with the best service delivery. Take you time and assure us quality!!

  2. JamesM

    ‘assure us quality!!’ definitely, and price? priceless!

  3. taribabe

    i like, i like!

  4. Blessing Dube

    Telecel always delivers quality by not rushing to market with a half baked and poorly thought out solution unlike some people I could mention

  5. Jabulani Chirinda

    if telecel can address the current chaos in mobile broadband market comprehensively at its launch, then it could win many hearts. There is one network that claimed a “first in Zimbabwe” many times, now its the first to give us the most expensive mobile broadband on planet earth!!! We are waiting Telecel, come to the party and take up the limelight!!

  6. tary

    lets wait and see i can say though i am impressed with the way telecel are doing their buisness

  7. kondozi

    Econet are business people, they are overcharging because they know snails llike telecel wont give them sleepless nights for a whole year. So when telecel finally launches, econet will have skimmed the consumers and then it will lower its prices….its network would have dealt with all teething problems. Its called price discrimination……its all game theory and monopolistic games. lol

  8. munhu

    Telecel are liars, they said they will launch January, then they said world cup we will be streaming, then September, now next year ? Oh no !

  9. Wonder

    Lets not expect miracles from these guys….their coverage is the worst and its surely asking for too much from them…I am actually surprised how they got certified in the first place!

  10. Itai

    CEO, muchawana dzamira nemhuru…3G??2011!..ko WiMAX or imwe iya inonzi LTE..If you are going to be late, better be first..,my teacher once said.

  11. SaFaith

    Telecel is the best for international calls ONLY

    Data, if you are in Hre, Powertel Unlimited $50/month is the ideal for heavy internet users. Pay as u go is good for light users and also the fairest so go the Econet route. If u are out of Hre better go Econet despite the pricing

  12. chris

    Telecel’s Egyptian owners (Orascom) are over everaged and broke:
    They have lost their Greek subsidiary is taken over by creditors.

    the Algerian government wants to expropriate their subsidiary in Algeria. This is the most profitable entity. It also has huge tax debts.
    Orascom is heavily indebted and its access to capital markets is heavily restricted.

  13. Mango Juice

    Now hold on a sec! If telecel were to rush to launch without ironing those problems, you’ll be the first to complain. Mind you, Good things are worth waiting for.

    What I am glad about telecel is their approach to us, the subscribers, they listen to what we say.
    Another thing, when the going was tough telecel did not abandon its customers.
    That’s why I moved over to telecel.

    Unlike someone we all supported in the 90s to get a licence, even buying the lines before the network was available in the country, supporting their court battles! Yes to the extent that during those infancy years New Year’s was call for free!

    Then he changed, now see how he rewards us!
    Strive completely disregards us. Remember how he throttled his network during our difficult years.

    Don’t be fooled. All those services and products he is rolling out – its just dollars and cents to him.

    Finally remember the days of the Mango, those handsets everybody could afford, well I do! I got to go mega juice someone, or is it mango juice, mmm…

  14. chris

    Everyone in Zimbabwe knows that there is a big shareholder dispute at Telecel. Who thinks that the foreign shareholders will invest whilst the matter is still simmering? We are not talking about the 1990s. We are saying what have you done for me lately?

    The Orascom empire is on the wane and heavily indebted. I am an accountant and have analysed their financials. The initial submission was just that. IMHO I do not believe that Telecel will be able to launch next year but on the other hand I may be wrong!!

  15. Mango Juice

    Granted the boardroom is in turmoil. But please take an analytical accounting of the three networks to determine which one is the most customer friendly. Bet you be surprised.

    The benchmark is customer satisfaction. I am more satisfied with telecel products and services. The 1990s highlight loyalty, which should be two way and which was/is definately not reciprocal.

    Rapid expansion does not equal. Even if telecel fails to launch, I’ll stay. This is the best network so far, mind you, not the biggest, but certainy the best.

    “Send via my Blackberry”
    I’m gonna stay with

  16. chris

    Mr mango juice your job depends on you having and peddling a certain point of view. It is pointless to argue with you. Customer satisfaction being the benchmark? As if that is objectively measured? On objective parameters where do you stand?

  17. Analytiq

    Wel it certainly looks like some monopolistic network has grown overly comfortable under government protection..mmm

  18. simba

    while the market penetration award goes to telecel.ladies and gentleman the worst service providers award 2010 goes to ……….econet wireless.

  19. Peter

    I seriously doubt the capacity of Telecel to roll out the service to everyone just as Econet did.I understand there are telecel data line for trial out there ,how are the speeds .At least Econet is providing something ,no matter how expensive.

  20. Tafadzwa

    Econet’s broadband billing is dubious as compared to Africom and Powertel. It is taking advantage of the less compettitiveness of the other two. i believe Telecel will not deliver half baked products. From rumours, the test run is said to be a thriller, let us be thrilled when you roll out affordable and efficient Broadband to the public

  21. Tafadzwa

    I agree with you

  22. Tafadzwa

    How will it fail!!! Not at all because of its relation to the East-African under sea cable. Let us wait for the real broadband of choice from the network of our choice.

  23. Oscar Manduku

    Please take your time Telecel. Our hearts and wallets are with you.

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