FBC Bank introduces MasterCard Prepaid services

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FBC Bank has begun offering a MasterCard Prepaid service that enables locals to shop online across various platforms worldwide. In a campaign dubbed ‘Load & Go’ the bank initially introduced the campaign through the endorsement of local music icon; Oliver Mtukudzi, advertising the service’s access to leading merchants around the world. The bank is the first local financial services provider to advertise online payments as a value proposition. In effect this awareness campaign can aid local traders and entrepreneurs who have depended on Telegraphic Transfers and other cumbersome payment options when shopping online.

Unfortunately a number of international platforms such as Amazon; Ebay; and PayPal which all surprisingly appear in the ad, do not accept online payments from Zimbabwe. Facebook is another online platform that does not allow Zimbabweans to enjoy the commercial benefits of being online as it is not yet possible for locals to advertise on the platform. This therefore complicates the online shopping experience of locals but can however be made up for by the open door policy of many other alternatives. A great number of entrepreneurs and traders locally have been sourcing various goods abroad and relying on cumbersome payment options like Telegraphic Transfers, which can be reliable but slow and tedious.

We expect the entrance of more players in the online payments arena to boost the local economy as these enable faster transacting, tapping into bigger markets, and usher in a plethora of possibilities for locals.TN Bank, Metropolitan Bank, and MBCA have been offering a Visa compliant service known as the ‘Cash Passport’ but have all failed to communicate the possibility of using this service to transact online. CBZ began offering direct Visa services in the build up to the World Cup and can also be found wanting in failing to communicate. It is yet to be seen if Econet Cash; an upcoming mobile payment service powered by TN Bank and similar to M-Pesa, will support international payments. While the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has ring fenced outbound transfers on a number of services such as Western Union money transfers, the inbound possibility of receiving money is still a very vital opportunity on its own.

According to Agrippa Mugwagwa, the executive director for the bank’s retail and e-commerce division; “FBC Bank will be converting our existing customer’s proprietary FBC Bank cards into MasterCard branded debit, credit or prepaid cards. In addition, new customers will automatically be issued with a MasterCard card”. He went on to state that, “If there is a country with a compelling reason to go totally electronic as soon as possible, it is Zimbabwe. We are using the US dollar currency which we import at great cost, change is a nightmare, notes get soiled quickly and there is a high inherent risk of counterfeit notes.”

Jason Coetzee; the vice president of Business Development at MasterCard Africa was quoted as stating that “We believe that FBC Bank’s issuance of MasterCard payment cards will help reduce Zimbabweans’ reliance on cash.” Coetzee said growing the issuance of MasterCard cards throughout Africa is a primary focus and vision for the organisation.

Update: Contrary to a previous assertion, Amazon does in fact accept payments from Zimbabwe. Thanks to Fourwallsinaroom for pointing this out. We are working on a story that will  pinpoint the platforms that accept/do not accept payments from Zimbabwe.


  1. Arnold Moyo

    very positive development, and i think the FBC ads are very effective.

  2. ★ Byers Design ★

    Great stuff. WOW, keep it up ZIM!!!!! Lets do dis

  3. Prince Shumba

    Isn’t it supposed to be “FBC Introduced …” You know, past tense?

    1. Magneto

      Its called past-present tense dude!

  4. Colourbluz

    Prince the wording is correct, it doesnt have to be past tense

  5. Gotanapplemac

    FBC’s credit card is just on point. It means that Zimbabwe has now truly arrived to the internet party. Now we can buy those macs, ipods at retail price and not worry about some high street middle man putting a 100% markup.

  6. Timehits

    Pay-pal and all those other services dont really matter…I use google checkout linked to my Gold Visa card from stanchart and it works great with online transactions..though they do take a day or two to clear things because they actually call you for every transaction made meaning credit card theft is almost impossible.


      hello timehits how do I link my card to google services because am a victim of being frauded so any so many times and am tired of changing and blocking my cards because of that , please help me

  7. Fourwallsinaroom

    Unfortunately a number of international platforms such as Amazon; Ebay;
    and PayPal which all surprisingly appear in the ad, do not accept online
    payments from Zimbabwe. – This is not accurate.  I use my Visa card from Zimbabwe to purchase things on Amazon all the time.  Please investigate your facts then post.

    1. Henry

      Fourwallsinaroom, can you kindly let us know what postal code do you use on Amazon platform? I have tried 9990 but it did not work. Please advise us of your process. I use Barclay’s visa card.

  8. Buginsert

    Amazon doesn’t accept prepaid payments from Zimbabwe. Visa card is not Mastercard two major differences. Visa cards are more widely American hence allowing Amazon purchases, whereas Mastercard are for the rest of the world.

  9. milo

    I desparately need that mastercard

  10. mastercard prepaid cards

    A number of services such as Western Union money transfers, the inbound
    possibility of receiving money is still a very vital opportunity on its

  11. Alfie

    I am very disappointed with this kind of mastercard. How can they offer amastercard that can only be reloaded in Zimbabwe. So whats the essence of it, no income from google adWords, online trading Binary options, pap per click this is just shit, lost$250

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  13. R Nyavanhu

    Please tell me, with a prepaid mastercard can one withdraw cash from it? I know the money on the card is used for online purchases, if I need to say, open a saving account with the bank that issued the card can I do so using my funds on that card for the initial required deposit? Can the bank access the funds for this purpose per my request?

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