The internet traffic ranking of Zimbabwe’s news websites (Feb 2012 stats)


The internet traffic local news websites has never really been measured and talked about in a standard way. The website owners typically just communicate their own traffic stats when they reach a milestone or break a record or just for the sake of selling advertising and these stats are never verified by a third party. There’s also the issue that the tools used to determine traffic statistics vary from publisher to publisher and some tools, the default hosting web server logs for example, are very unreliable. The generally more reliable tools to measure traffic include tools like Google Analytics, but these are only available to the company using them.

In a bid to just shed some light we’ve used a Google application called DoubleClick Ad Planner which provides traffic estimates to advertisers to help them plan their ad campaigns. The data are not 100% accurate of course but there are generally more accurate than other traffic estimation services like Alexa and Quantcast which focus more on the US for example. You can read more here and here to understand more how accurate the stats are.

The stats below are for February 2012 and they show the estimate unique visitors to each site as well as the total page views (actual pages viewed human users as opposed to search bots) the site got in the month. It’s not a complete list of course, we just picked some of the most known newspaper website and threw in a few blogs that we thought might be of interest to you. If there’s a news website you know that you want us to include here, let us know in the comments and we will.


Zimbabwe Internet news site traffic (Feb 2012)

Important to note in interpreting the data:

  • The stats are sorted according to page views. you will notice that if sorted according to unique visitors, the rankings will change a bit.
  • The traffic shown is for all traffic regardless of source country, so the data has little to do with Zimbabwe’s internet population.

You can download the excel sheet we used here

Update: Added which had been previously omitted in error.

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