ZOL to launch a dongle based mobile WiMAX broadband service

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zol-logo-newEarlier this week, we received a tip in our inbox about a mobile broadband service about to be launched by ZOL, one of Zimbabwe’s largest ISPs. Here:

ZOL has just introduced mobile WiMAX in the 2.5Ghz frequency range. Initially this was available via Econet at 2.5c per Mb with a window period of 30 days and minimum payment of 15 a month for 500Mb. ZOL is charging $29 dollars a month for the service unlimited and pretty decent depending on where you are located.

We made some checks and established this is actually true. Except, the reason it’s not been announced yet is that it’s still under some kind of ‘limited public trial’.

So yes, soon -no idea how soon – there’s going to be another ISP playing in the mobile broadband space, along with Africom, PowerTel, iWayAfrica, and the mobile operators (Econet, Telecel and NetOne). There’s no telling yet how amazing (or disappointing) the ZOL service will be, but judging  by that tip there – we’re guessing this is a customer already using it – the key phrase is “pretty decent depending


  1. Muti

    I hope it works outside the CBD .

    1. fourwallsinaroom

      Yes it does. http://www.techzim.co.zw/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/wimax-coverage.jpg due to IP issues cant share a detailed map but sufficient to say most base stations in Harare have the WiMAX sectors.

      1. Muti

        Thanks, i will buy the product when its official .

  2. Ronald

    For me it does not work in Highfield, along Willowvale. I get 3 bars but does not connect. Been to ZOL wasnt helpful

    1. fourwallsinaroom

      what error do you get?

      1. Ronald

        It just says connection failed.

        When I check the network status I get.

        Available Ecoweb Wimax (or something of that sort)

        I spoke to Wadzanai (sales) and Farai (Wimax side) at ZOL.

        Wadzanai indicated that coverage might be an issue since the dongle is working fine. Farai indicated that my area might be covered and I should try the out door unit.

        1. fourwallsinaroom

          You need the certificate file to be setup in the authentication settings. Ask them to email you the authentication certificate. You just need to make that change and you will be good to go.

          1. Ronald

            Thanks for the advise. I do have one ca.pem file in the bin folder, where do I place the file when I get it.


            1. Fungai

              There is a custom built ca.perm file you need other than the default one that installs with the software

            2. fourwallsinaroom

              Go to settings, authentication, Certificate authority and point to the location of CA.pem that you got from ZOl

  3. Chihelele

    This has been in the market from december. I bought for my parents in Highfield Lusaka. It work perfect for them, the speed is desent, i can stream any time. Downside is that their dongle wont allow wireless router connections. Tried so many of them including the portable ones.

    1. Ndafara Tsamba

      Try mypublicwifi, it’s free and you can create protected wifi on the computer with the dongle.

      1. Fungai
  4. Fungai

    Its pretty good. Have been using it (two of them actually- the other for my girlfriend) and works well in cbd hre, byo and also msasapark and avondale where weve onl managed to test. You cn safely stream youtube videos as it runs at 1MB. there is also 512 and i think 2MB as well
    512 I pay $29/m for my girlfrend and 1MB $59/m for me.
    Need more info, you can contact me

    1. Muti

      Is it 1MB because few people are using it or its actually 1Mb?

      1. fourwallsinaroom

        Its no 1Mb dedicated and neither is it 512dedicated. This is a best effort pool. Yes at 3am you will get more than 1Mbps but trying right now during lunch, different story

        1. Muti

          So its a Powertel dongle 😀

    2. sango

      how much is the dongle per month

      1. sangp

        sorry how does the dongle cost for purchase.

        1. fourwallsinaroom

          The dongle is free.

  5. Miles

    How far paRusape apo

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