Marketing warfare: Telecel and Econet at each other’s throats


August has been a great month for those of us that love creative fighting in marketing warfare.


So Econet went first deriding Telecel for copying a SIM Promo they had started.



Clever yes, in making it clear that they had been copied. But then came the response today:


We hope it continues… We hope they try to outdo each other more and more coz we the consumers are the likely winners when this happens!

Just curious… which ones is cleverer? Let us know in the comments!

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37 thoughts on “Marketing warfare: Telecel and Econet at each other’s throats

  1. of lovemarks and what not, econet hasnt done anything special, its merely just a case of the perception of status. i’ve never heard of anyone on telecel complaining about poor service as much as econet subscribers. MaZimba munoda zvinhu thats all. We’d rather buy an ex uk Range Rover from 19-chakuti than a brand new almera (which is actually a very nice car btw). as for the copying part, one could say that econet just took and copied MTN for absolutely everything. even down to the shady promotions that magically make your airtime dissappear. Bal: $5.19 *poof* gone

  2. FACT : Telecel and other(Netone) have all rebranded since launch….ECONET still standing strong, why?…they got a vision and a plan?…The others just respond to market forces havana kusiyana nema price eku Mbare musika vanomirira mood yemurimi. INNOVAtors vs IMITATORS,LATE ADOPTERS and LAGARDS!!…

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