Here’s Econet new job search service… moving on, 50 cents poorer


Remember the USSD & SMS mobile jobs services that local mobile operators have suddenly realised they could offer too. Pressured by the revenue decline caused by the government (new taxes), the government (new regulation), the government (ill economy) and those evil Over The Top apps (WhatsApp), mobile operators have entered panic mode and are picking up anything with the slightest sign it could add a cent to the bottom line.

It feels like a service from the early 2000s which is what it is. We would normally not write about it ofcourse but they are talking about it so duty says we provide perspective.  Access it via your USSD *170# and tick off a new year’s resolution 50 cents later this tough post-celebration month!


Moving on…

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12 thoughts on “Here’s Econet new job search service… moving on, 50 cents poorer

  1. Are these job openings from Econet or any other company? Is this reliable or they’ll end up uploading ‘pseudo jb openings’ to create an impression that indeed one is getting job opening updates!! I DONT BUY THIS CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So Econet are now an employment agency. Like a normal Zimbabwean I would love to see their official papers before I engage. I am particulalrly sceptic in light of TSA’s very pertinent observation above – how much are prospective employers paying to post jobs and are they real jobs or simply sms jobs that will never materialise $.50 x many months later? PORTRAZ please save us from these rip offs, MNOs stick with voice and you expensive data let the tech start ups deal with the services

  3. This should be a real joke! “Unlimited job openings” in Zimbabwe??????????? Ok, thanks but no thanks!

  4. I have expletives that are I cannot express in words. The perception of greed that I see in Econet vs what they claim to be, are oil and water.

    Econet Wireles…
    Inspired to Rip Your World

  5. this is just bull shit ,I urge people not to be taken for a ride, these guys just want to make money from our suffering ..I will rather keep my 50c thank you very much .are they following that mojo service which launched last year ,ithink they just want to take us for a ride unlimited job openings ,where when everyone at Econet is on contract no longer permanent employees ..another Eco life product form Zimbabweans best rip off

  6. tried the service ,it already has none existant jobs ,I want my 50c back you guys ..wasted hopes on another Econet product …I urge people not to try it even if they say they have a match its a match to a none existant job..but why do you do this you Econet guys you are so driven by money to make our lives more miserable..nxaaa

  7. I like reading comments on TechZim. At one point people were complaining Econet wasn’t opening up to entrepreneurs and when it does open to an entrepreneur providing job search services, it is attacked. Very funny

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