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Zimbabwe’s latests telecoms stats – It’s real and not pretty! (2014 Q3 Download)


smartphones_zimbabweAs you may know, POTRAZ just released the latest telecoms stats in a report for 2014 Q3. We’d expect Q4 ofcourse but let’s not focus on that right now. The media has been glowingly positive about what the report shows which is somewhat surprising considering the picture it paints. We’re guessing that’s because the sector has been growing healthily these past couple of years it’s not easy to see anything else when you’re not looking beyond the PR. The report attempts to be indirectly clear about a lot of things like mobile penetration and the picture is not one to celebrate about. Telecel picture is what every operator is more or less experiencing.

Econet for example has been on record as saying their subscribers are over 9 million. It turns out only 6.5 million of those are active, which casts into doubt other aspects of their results have a different picture if analysed closer.

The country collectively has also been celebrating that our mobile penetration is well over 100%. Turns out with the 11.4 million active subscribers, that’s more like 87% based on the 2012 census. And even that includes all SIM cards which means a one guy that has 4 Econet SIMS (smartphone, iPad, Mbudzi, Connected Car) and 1 Telecel SIM is considered 5 subscribers. So the real unique customers penetration could be more like 50%, who knows!


The actual number of subscribers by the telecoms operators in the report are the following:

Zimbabwe Mobile Operator Active Subscribers - 2014 Quarter 3

 2nd Quarter 20143rd Quarter 2014Net Addition% Change

Anyway, there’s a lot to talk about separately on the report, which we’ll go into in the coming hours and days. For now, here’s the download so we can all immerse ourselves in where we are as a country and tech platform business ecosystem.

Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge

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