Econet offers LTE bundles targeted at subscribers with deep pockets

Econet Broadband’s service shuffle wasn’t just restricted to the 2 GB day bundles. The operator also recently introduced LTE monthly bundles that are meant to offer some form of additional value to subscribers using the faster mobile broadband service.

There are 7 bundles with the cheapest pegged at $5 for 250 MB and the premium package offering 50 GB of data for $100. All bundles in this class are valid for 30 days.

Price ($US)Data Allowance
5250 MB
10600 MB
201.5 GB
352.5 GB
5010 GB
7030 GB
10050 GB

LTE bundles are a fairly common concept in telecoms. In other markets operators like Airtel, MTN and Warid Telecom in the Middle East all offer the same sort of service pack for subscribers using a 4G/LTE connection. The idea is to offer an extensive broadband allowance that is comparable to the faster connection and the resultant different broadband consumption patterns.


Econet seems to be going with the same idea here though the cost of the bundles isn’t so favourable across the board. For example, the $5 for 250 MB translates to $1 for 50 MB.

When stacked up against Econet’s standard cost of mobile broadband outside promotional packages, it actually seems to be some form of a bargain. The same can be said for the expensive packages on that roster that will set you back $70 for 30 GB or $100 for 50 GB. However, in the face of promotions that offer 2 GB for $3, it’s hard to justify that price.

Perhaps the 30 day validity period is meant to add shine to these LTE bundles, or maybe like LTE-enabled devices, they are targetted at a certain demographic with more disposable income.

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11 thoughts on “Econet offers LTE bundles targeted at subscribers with deep pockets

  1. This is a scam from Econet! How do you offer 4G on a network struggling to mantain a constant 3G connection.

    This is where the regulator needs to come in and whip Econet into line. Unfortunately we do not have any regulator to help and protect consumers.

    1. This makes sense the econet back haul network runs at 10Gbps the bottle neck is last mile on two g and three g. That said 20k customers on lte makes it reasonable to offer lte centric packages

      1. 10G backbone netwrk is nothing compared to the size of Econet customer base. Do not forget that all internet browsing in Zim is being done from servers which are outside the country, we do not have local content being browsed from local servers.

        Looking from that angle, how big is Econet’s international connections? Last time l heard they were doing a 10G connection via Beit.

        1. Lets run some speed tests shall we. Pick a server location and a time and we can do speedtests and post results. I need to check the POTRAZ report but Econet does have a few STM’s.

            1. 22Mbps/11Mbps –> a little late but thats what MTN ZA is giving me at the moment

  2. Econet must get its act together. What is going on out there. I used to buy Daily bundles and the speed was slow but usable. Now buying them is just donating money to econet. One hardly gets to open even google chaiyo in the dead of the night. This thieving has to stop. I was so ashamed when I went kumusha. Mukomana wemombe was whatsapping and downloading videos on netone 4G in rural buhera and the network was blazing fast. Apa ini baba nhiya I had to climb a mountain in order to get 2G yakatodhakwa hayo. Its shameful…

    1. Lol I had same exp se yako paXmass , I was like wtf, serious econet really sucks thz days. I used to get 12Mbps on hsupa+ (advanced 3G) network muna 2013 , lte 4G chaiyo irikundipa 4-8Mbps . Chokwadi chaicho hatichaziva kuti itraffic shaping here or mawhatsapp and facebook bundles r 2 blame

      1. Funny thing. Running tests on MTN’s LTE on LTE it varies from 5Mbps-> 22Mbps. Just saying. Remember just because a technology says you can do xxMbps that is not the case especially when you have an air interface.

  3. Please upgrade bandwidth. This may help decongest the network. Let it not be a game of numbers, service also.
    Your voice service is excellent. Data bundles just expire before usage.

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