WhatsApp access restored in Zimbabwe after 4 hour disruption

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After a service disruption on several networks in Zimbabwe that lasted for 4 hours WhatsApp is back online.

WhatsApp users on Econet, NetOne, TelOne and other internet providers have confirmed that their WhatsApp connectivity was restored around 11:30 AM.

During that period people were forced to use VPN access and other tools like Messenger to maintain communication.

There has still not been any explanation on why it was down. As we reported in the morning, the Government of Zimbabwe has denied it issued any directive to ISPs to block access to the messaging app.

There have been suspicions that the disruption had been orchestrated by the State as a way of gagging expression through the most popular social media platform and online communication tool in the country.

WhatsApp constitutes about 34% of all mobile internet traffic in Zimbabwe and understandably, it being down affects messaging for a lot of Zimbabweans.

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  1. TiesSuck

    In case of further outages install a VPN app to your phone Andriod or iOS. I am using a free one called CloudVPN. Takes me through Canada currently!

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