Exclusive – NetOne’s promo reversal only for WhatsApp & Facebook bundles data caps, everything else stays the same – POTRAZ

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Following the recent announcement that local mobile network operator NetOne has been forced to reverse all unapproved promotions by POTRAZ, officials from the regulator have pointed out that it’s not all of NetOne’s new promotions that have been stopped.

According to POTRAZ, NetOne will only be reversing the adjustments it made on its WhatsApp and Facebook bundles by introducing data caps. NetOne used to offer unlimited access to Facebook and WhatsApp until a few days ago when it silently introduced data caps ranging from 20 MB for the daily bundles to 225 MB for the monthly bundles.

Speaking to Techzim, POTRAZ’s public relations manager, Mrs Sibo Muteyiwa clarified the earlier announcement emphasising that the order to stop running unapproved promotions was only for the new data caps that NetOne had placed on its social media bundles.

According to Muteyiwa, POTRAZ’s actions are in response to complaints registered by NetOne subscribers. NetOne has been asked to provide just cause for introducing the data caps, which are an adjustment to a promotion. When adjusting or introducing a promotion all operators have to seek clearance from POTRAZ.



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  1. Macd Chip says:

    Wow! To whose benefit is Potraz acting on? What do people want?

    1. Mcee says:

      I think it’s an issue of clearance/approval by the regulator then offcourse clients will always prefer more to less.

  2. Chipo says:

    Wow what’s a great deal

  3. simzz Tshuma says:

    bt l don’t think what’s wrong

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