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Looking for a job or hiring in Zimbabwe? Check out this new Jobs section

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So from time to time, we are approached by businesses who want to hire their next best top talent through this platform. We have also heard from individuals who are seeking employment, internships and freelancing gigs.

Up to now, we have just been randomly “throwing” these “job ads” on whatever convenient little space we have on the platform at that given time. Not anymore…

For the convenience of those seeking to hire and those seeking to be hired, we have set up a Jobs Section. You will find the section at the bottom right side of the Techzim Home Page and the Article Pages.


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The section will feature vacancies at the top and situations wanted at the bottom. For now, we will act as curator to ensure the authenticity of the opportunities presented.

Some jobs will just be posted as notices and some will have links to an online application process. Most of the jobs will be technology and business related.

Scroll down and check out the section right now, there is already a job waiting for someone right now… You may not be looking for a job or someone to hire but you sure know a few people who do; why don’t you send them the link and help them achieve their dream. Copy and share this link:

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If anything goes wrong, chat with us using the chat feature at the bottom right of this screen

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