You can now share data with friends and family on Telecel

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Telecel recently announced a new service on their mobile network which allows people to share data. The service will be available to Telecel Go subscribers and people on the network will be able to request data from friends and family or gift it. To start using the service, dial *444# and follow the instructions in the menu.

If you’re going to be sending data to someone, the minimum you can send is 25MB and the maximum is 2GB. You will only be able to do 3 data transfers per day and will be charged 5 cents per transfer. As a receiver, you will be able to request data from others and will not be charged for doing so.

When someone receives data through this service, the data they get will maintain the same validity period it had when it was with the sender. Basically, if I had 1GB of data which was going to expire in 2 days and send my friend 500MB then the 500MB my friend receives will also expire in 2 days.



Some of us have been in those situations where a friend asked us to switch on our mobile hotspot so they could get some internet access using our bundles. Sometimes, I was that friend who asked. The point is that this service aims to make sharing data easy especially if two people are in different locations. Instead of actually buying your friend airtime for data which would probably cost you more, you can just send them part of what you already had. It’ll probably be useful in situations where someone needs to go online urgently and your Telecel line already has data in it, you can save them from their crisis.

All this sounds good if you’re the type of person who has data in their phone lying around. However, some people don’t even have that much data to send to friends given how expensive it currently is. The service is still new and is running on an ongoing basis meaning that changes will be made where they need to be.

It would be great for some if this worked with megaboost or daily bundles. With people now sharing a lot from accommodation via Air BnB type of services locally to sharing rides (kombis, still waiting for Uber locally), this could be a good step towards a more sharing economy. Someone once asked why it wasn’t possible for them to just connect to Telecel from Econet and use their Econet data or vice versa if one of the networks has poor reception in their location.

Tell us what you think, will you use this or not? If so why and if not why also? Does the sharing economy of data sound like a good thing or it’s just one of those things that people will wish for but may never happen. If you think it’s a good thing why would you want it and if not why?


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