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24 thoughts on “Zimbabweans In The Diaspora Can Now Access Steward Bank Mortgages (Loans) To Buy Or Build Houses In Zimbabwe

  1. I would want to open a joint account with my wife is possible to do so

  2. If its 1:1 for proper US$ outside for RTGS crap here, its a waste of time. If you have funds outside you can get +50% here for RTGS. There are cheaper ways to build a house in Zim if you are working outside Zim and earning proper currency!! Steward takes your hard currency outside and gives you 1:1 for rtgs here, LOL !!

    1. You do the rtgs thing you are talking about and you get your fingers burnt. It’s hard to find anything legit these days if you are not on the ground. You send money for your family to build and more than half of it is misappropriated. Atleast 1:1 is fair and secure. You reap what you sow! No need to take unnecessary risk.Well done Stewart Bank

    2. How many pple have funds outside and $50 000 is very limited as to what you can buy and how many people have that kind of money saved up out there in the diaspora?

  3. I could not find Revesai Nyahasha on linkedin?Can I suggest if we need to contact people who work for Steward bank and helping diasporians with loans etc to be visible on Liknedin as we woul dlike to see who we are talking to .


    1. Remember, we become on transparency of workers because you once had employees at Steward Bank who misappropriated funds through opening numerous accounts for their benefits.

  4. This is rubbish, fucken 9% to 12% interest rate on a US dollar mortagage in a SHITHOLE COUNTRY. Yet on can buy a property at 4% interest rate in developed western nations with all basic commodities in place.

  5. My family is based in the UK and would like to open a Steward Bank so as to qualify for a housing loan. Have not had of the Steward Bank in United Kingdom. Please advise

  6. Most Zimbabweans who have been in the diaspora for a long time, now hold citizenship to those countries.So your requirement that they should hold a Zimbabwe passport would put that group of diasporeans outside of prospective applicants.You need to look very careful on that requirement.

    1. Dual citizenship is allowed by Zim law. Most ppl still have Zim ID which is a requirement

  7. Deposit your hard earned cash and que for years for any service. We came to the diaspora including masiiwa himself for among other things the prudent service. The fantamentals have to change before what looks like a brilliant idea can get traction

  8. May i know the prices and sizes of houses, i am interested. May to know the areas as well.

  9. Am in Uk can I open the account online, then do the other stuff later , or can my sister in Gweru come and open account on my behalf, then I will deposit cash from Uk every month,

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