EcoCash Announces The Platform Is Now “Up And Running”

EcoCash Kiosks

Following 2 days of failing to use the mobile money platform, finally, EcoCash has put its house in order. The platform is now “up and running” on full throttle. Here is their message to its customers;




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6 thoughts on “EcoCash Announces The Platform Is Now “Up And Running”

    1. its funny they now say it will take 72 hrs for them to reverse the mistakes they made.People want their money back,.Ipapo ipapo semaendero ayakaita

  1. It was never announced that network was down. we face huge problems. In future let the public know about network

  2. It was just some IDIOTS that decided to do ‘maintenance’ or ‘upgrades’ at the worst time of the month. Typical Zimbabwean bad planning and heads should roll

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