Netone Gives $5 Airtime As Compensation To OneMoney Debit Card Users Who Experienced Challenges To ‘Swipe’ Over The Weekend

Surely Netone’s action is something other service providers should copy when they inconvenience their customers. I couldn’t believe it when we discovered that Netone gave its OneMoney customers $5 worth of airtime after the customers experience some challenges in using their OneMoney debit cards over the weekend.

Many OneMoney users took to Twitter to vent their excitement by posting screenshots of messages alerting them that they received $5 airtime as compensation.


What challenges did OneMoney debit card users face?

We contacted Netone and they didn’t really give us much detail about what customers were experiencing when they tried to use the OneMoney Debit Card. What we just know is that OneMoney debit card holders failed to do transactions. And because of that, it compensated them with $5 airtime.  Netone also didn’t tell us how long the customers experienced the problem.

Netone is no stranger to giving freebies, just a month ago it gave its customers (man only) OneMoney debit cards with $5 fo free.

The government-owned company has been heavily investing its efforts in the promotion of OneMoney (such as introducing the OneMoney debit card and the OneMoney school fees promotion.) and it seems like its paying off.  OneMoney now has 1 million subscribers, which means that for every 4 subscribers of Netone 1 subscriber has a OneMoney account.

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