Gmail For Android Introduces The ‘Undo’ Feature That Lets You ‘Unsend’ Emails

Gmail for Android has been various of new features recently. Earlier last week, Google brought the confidential mode to its mobile client to further privacy but I’m now really excited with a feature that has today found its way to the Gmail app on Android.

Google has finally brought the much-needed ‘Undo sent email’ feature, which has been available on the web for a few years, to its Gmail app on Android. It means you will no longer have to curse yourself for missing an essential point in an email.

You will now have a few seconds to revert the e-mail via the undo option, which appears at the bottom in the Gmail Android app (as seen below). The black bar that shows the sent notification on the left and ‘undo button’ on the right is new and replaces the older toast notifications.

Android Police

This feature works exactly in the same manner on Android as on the web. To recall any sent e-mail the moment you hit send, all you need to do is tap the undo button and you will see the ‘undoing’ notification. You will be thrown back into the compose window, so that you can append your e-mail and resend it.

The undo sent email feature, as pointed out by Android Police, is still a server-side update, meaning that its not yet available for everyone.

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