Dissatisfied With Your Service Provider’s Handling Of Your Complaint?: Here Is How POTRAZ Can Help You

Sometimes our service providers need a little push to pay attention to our complaints. Apart from shaming them by writing on their social media pages, the most decent and effective way of getting your issue resolved is by approaching the regulator, Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ).

POTRAZ has the mandate to help customers get their complaints heard and resolved satisfactorily. And it seems, just a few people know about this role by POTRAZ considering that last year it received a meager 22 complaints yet I hear many people crying over ill-treatment by their service providers.

In case you didn’t know that POTRAZ handles complaints, now I will list down the procedure you must follow to lodge your complaint with POTRAZ. This is how you do it according to POTRAZ.


Write or email POTRAZ attaching copies of your communication with the service provider.

This entails sending POTRAZ documents such as screenshots of emails, call logs or printed emails between you and your service provider.

State all facts

It’s a little vague and broad, but I suppose here you just state the background of the complaint

Be objective and do not exaggerate

Your narration of how the service provider handled your complaint should not be subjective, that’s is trying to place yourself in good light and your service provider in a bad light in the eyes of POTRAZ.

Attach relevant supporting documents

Just submit another bunch of evidence such as airtime scratch cards, national ID etc.

Wait for 7 working days to get your response from POTRAZ

No need to explain this one. But I think 7 days is a lot of time. Sometimes you just want to be compensated your airtime or a transaction to be reversed soon, so waiting 7 days seem a lot for such small issues.

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2 thoughts on “Dissatisfied With Your Service Provider’s Handling Of Your Complaint?: Here Is How POTRAZ Can Help You

  1. For me its now almost close to a month I reported to potraz an Econet issue that has gone more than 3months now. Now assistance at all. I was buying zesa tokens and Econet credited $123 from my ecocash, that was 3months ago until now no help from Econet or potraz

    1. The accountant cannot help but say this. You credit the giver and debit the receiver is but sometimes people get confused. Here you are supposed to have received electricity so you account was debited but you probably did not receive the token. You are account was debited as if you had received the tokens but you did not.

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