How To Use Vaya Lift, Econet’s Own ‘Uber Like’ Ride Hailing Service

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Vaya Lift, courtesy of Cassava Smartech (also courtesy of Econet the parent company of these two), is the newest kid on the block as far as ride-sharing services apps are concerned, in Zimbabwe. A numerous number of ride-hailing services startups have popped up in Zimbabwe in recent years, with startups like Hwindi Taxi, G-Taxi etc being pioneers.


Anyway, let’s not talk about other ride-hailing apps for now, we wouldn’t want to steal Vaya Lift’s thunder today. Let’s talk about how you can use Vaya Lift.

1. Download the app

First things first, download the Vaya Lift app from Google Playstore for Android users and App store for IOS users. After downloading the app follow the easy steps of registration presented to you in the Vaya Lift app.


2. Select the type of service you want

This is when you choose the type of vehicle you want to transport you, maybe you want a very commodious vehicle. Under this, you will also select where you want to be picked or where you are located and where you are heading to or your destination.

Vaya Lift is (for now) primarily a ride-hailing service to move you from A to B. But in future Vaya Lift, it will introduce parcel delivery and logistics services as well. So in future, you would have to choose whether you want Vaya Lift to take you somewhere or to deliver your parcel elsewhere.

3. Acceptance and declination

After selecting your preferred service, the nearest Vaya Lift driver will then accept your request, at which point you can then review the driver’s driving behavior in the form of Vaya Lift’s ratings.

N.B you will have 2 minutes to accept or decline a driver before you are charged cancellation charges. You heard me right, you will be charged “cancellation charges” if you chose not to take a ride after 2 minutes elapses.

4. Getting ready to go

After accepting your Vaya Lift car or driver, you can then start to see (in the Vaya Lift app) your driver making their way to you. And when the driver arrives at the pickup point, you will get a notification and you hop in the Vaya Lift car. That’s it.


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7 thoughts on “How To Use Vaya Lift, Econet’s Own ‘Uber Like’ Ride Hailing Service

  1. Great.But tell us the backend of things,how many taxis/drivers are there as of now,are the cars branded,how do we notice them,who owns them, can l register my taxis and how?,vatovapo here paroad,which areas or cities are covered. Otherwise it’s a product we been long waiting for. Of cause its been there but at least from big trusted brands…not that l don’t trust others.Think l hv done enough masking.

  2. What is the payment method on this thing? It’s asking me to add my card details (card number, expiry date and CVV) without telling me whether it accepts Visa, MasterCard or God knows what.

    1. Hey, man, we didn’t get to test that out but I do believe it’s both Zimswitch enabled cards and the likes of Mastercard and Visa. There’s also EcoCash integration. But will get to Econet and actually get an official response for you.

  3. On iOS nothing is working. Can’t even add an Ecocash card. No support is being given. 1 week trying to get assistance they just won’t budge. 🤦🏽‍♂️ It’s a pity.

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