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TelOne DEOD: Here’s What’s On Offer, They’re Pretty Strong On Movies

So TelOne has finally announced details of their streaming service DEOD (Digital Entertainment On Demand). Exciting name aside the service will offer:

  • There are 3 tiers of content; On Demand, Subscription and DEOD Premium
  • Each DEOD account will support upto 5 devices
  • Users can watch on desktop, mobile (Android or iOS)
  • The service allows you to also rent movies. $2.50 for SD movies and $3 for HD movies.
  • The movie catalogue has a 3 month lag with cinema release which is about the time period it takes for a digital release of major movies.
  • The site will also offer sections for staff picks, new releases and content that’s about to disappear from the library altogether.

DEOD Premium

DEOD Premium offers a combination of News, Sport and On Demand for a take-all special price of $11.99 for 30 days. If you’re not interested in a monthly payment you can also pay a weekly ($4.50) or weekend ($2.50) fee.

DEOD On Demand

On Demand takes away the sports offerings and according to TelOne;

On Demand includes an always growing catalogue of hundreds of hours of TV shows, movies, kids programs, music videos, exclusive to DEOD series, inspirational and educational content, daily sports news and a whole lot more, accessible at your leisure for the whole family.

For 30 days of access, you’ll part with $5.99. Weekly, Weekend and Daily prices are $2.75, $1.55 and $0.90 respectively.


This will be a mix of sports and news and will cost $8.99.

There’s a $7 day trial for DEOD Premium if you sign-up before the 31st of October. To access this you’ll pay a $1.


Payments for the DEOD service will be facilitated via a number of different channels:

  • EcoCash
  • Paypal
  • Telecash
  • Vouchers

We will be taking a closer look at the content on offer across these services and making comparisons as part of our follow up article.

You can check out and sign up for DEOD now.

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10 thoughts on “TelOne DEOD: Here’s What’s On Offer, They’re Pretty Strong On Movies

  1. Guys am taken by Telone ,Thanks Telone for coming in the Arena ,I last subscribed for my ADSL 2 months ago,am rushing to buy my bundles,Hope they will remain accepting the local currency for the subscriptions.

  2. Maybe I am doing something wrong but a couple things to note already. The home page is stupid- I cannot find another word for it I am sorry- it gives the impression that one needs to be a Telone customer to sign up. If you want to sign up the link is Second thing to note this is not actually hosted on Telone as far as I can tell this service is on beanstalk (AWS) which means international bandwidth (WTF) I thought Telone had a data centre and kind of expected this to be local or at least in South Africa at the very least. Third thing to note no free trial. Obviously I can spare a $1 to pay for the free trial but still considering they launched late in the game they should offer at least that. Fourth thing to note is that is the content is horrible. iFlix is pretty much garbage but at least there is enough garbage those who are not movie and TV connoisseurs can at least watch something. There is not much to watch or rent here. The sports channels being touted here are sports channels in name only. The sort of rubbish like Rai Italia on your DSTV that you never even bother to watch. At least Rai has Series A matches. There is Fightbox, Sports Skool, Motorvision and Nautical Channel. If like me you have never heard of them until today, I can assure you, you don’t have to know them and you are missing nothing. I thought iFlix was the worst VOD service under the sun. Well I am ashamed to say I stand corrected.

    1. Good for me I have TelOne broadband meaning my Data is zero rated, don’t really care where their content is hosted, I like the service, I have managed to register and topped up my wallet to get my free trial. It seems my money wasn’t used for the free trial but rather went into my Wallet, which I can use to rent a movie 🙂 (yay). Don’t be a hater though. Nothing to rent for really? Hold your banter and let us enjoy the service, but anyway you’re entitled to your opinion.

      1. Ha ha ha I am not a hater my friend just a connoisseur compared to the competition this service is just rubbish that it’s only redeeming quality is zero rating for Telone customers more just proves my point. Paying foreigners for hosting, jiggies, needles, plastic balls is the reason why our economy is in a mess. It is rather worrying you don’t care about that. Anyway the library is rather limited there is no exclusive content. The line about there being sports here is bullshit. It’s the stuff of lawyers. They don’t even have club garbage line Man City TV, or NBA, racing or even American “Football”

    2. Good day XXXX

      Thank you for registering on our Online Television Service DEOD (Digital Entertainment On Demand) which is an. DEOD offers a variety of quality content for the whole family, in an affordable, accessible and personalized way.

      As a welcome token enjoy our service by utilising the following Pins:

      Pins for the 2 packages for trial

      Your 7 Day Trial Premium Voucher is: XXXXXXXX and your Movie Rental Voucher is XXXXXXXXXX

      Thank you for your valued custom. Enjoy Digital Entertainment on Demand

      Kind Regards

      Team TelOne

    3. Lol hey, put some respect on Rai Italia. They saved us when DStv didn’t have Serie A content. Jokes aside though these VoD offerings aren’t offering much… I think local content is the way to go because if we are being honest these guys can’t compete with the big fishes when it comes to content acquisition.

  3. zero rated on Telone adsl. im in nicely done I think. so far so good. but there is room for improvement

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