Here’s How To Open Steward Bank’s Dura Foreign Currency Account On Your Phone


Today Steward Bank introduced the Dura foreign currency account (Dura FCA) that you can open on your phone. Yes, literally you can open a foreign currency account on any kind of a phone, be it, smartphone or feature phone (kambudzi). And that’s what I want to teach you now.


Here’s how to open the Dura FCA

NB. You can’t have the Dura FCA without the normal Steward Bank Account. Click this link to see how you can open a Steward Bank Account on your phone. After you open the Steward Bank Account, here is how to open the Dura FCA;

1. Dial *236#


2. Select Option 1- Open Steward Bank Account

3. Agree To Terms & Conditions by selecting Option 1

4. Select Account Type by entering 3

5. Courtesy of Steward’s seamless relationship EcoCash, they already have your details, that is your phone number & your name & ID number. So your these details will pop up, and if they are correct you just have to “Confirm” with Option 1

6. After that confirmation, a message is sent instantly to your phone showing you your Nostro Account Number. You will now be having the Dura Foreign Account just like that.



Steward BankEcoCash

Steward Bank, is a commercial bank registered and trading in Zimbabwe. The bank is a subsidiary of the Econet Wireless Zimbabwe. It was founded in 2001 by Tawanda Nyambirai as TN Bank. Read More About Steward Bank

EcoCash is a mobile money transfer facility which is run by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe. The facility has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception and is arguably the largest mobile money transfer agent considering the huge sums of transactions that the platform is said... Read More About EcoCash

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  1. Will i get sms notifications for all transactions i do, can i transfer money from my account to another FCA and how ?Does the account work on the square app and internet banking ?

  2. Will I be able to receive money from other countries through this type of account. Including online payments?

  3. Are there monthly maintenance fees or you are charged per transaction? Is there a VISA/Mastercard associated with account in case i need to travel?

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