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How To Register For Enda, Cassava Smartech’s Education Insurance

Last year ended with Cassava Smartech releasing a string of new products and services. Among these was the Enda education insurance cover product that offers school fees benefit for primary and secondary education in the event of the death of a student’s parent or legal guardian. This way students can continue going to school long after their parent or guardian dies.  

The question as to where the insurance will take them, in terms of their educational journey, depends on the packages parents or guardians pay. There are primary school packages, secondary school packages and the comprehensive package which covers both.  Anyway, I’m not here to get too deep about what Enda offers. Rather, I’m here to tell you how can register for Enda.

Step 1

You just dial *900# and enter you EcoCash pin

Step 2

Select option 2 which is labelled “Enda Education Cover”

Step 3

Select option 1 which is labelled “Accept”. Here, you will be accepting the terms and conditions of Enda

Step 4

Select option 1 which is labelled “Register”

Step 5

Here you will be verifying your EcoCash details; your name, surname, date of birth and gender. If they are incorrect you may need to visit EcoCash to get them corrected

Step 6

After verifying your details, you then start to enter the beneficiaries (the child you will who will be insured) details, starting with their date of birth

Step 7

You enter the beneficiary’s date of birth

Step 8

You chose whether the beneficiary is your child (Biological Child) or its someone else’s that you are in charge of (Legally Adopted Child).

Step 9, 10, 11,…..

In these steps, you will provide the beneficiary ’s full name, sex, ID number packages etc.

I know the steps to register Enda are too many and tedious (the problems that sometimes come with using a USSD) but does that matter in making sure your child gets their primary or secondary education after you die?

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