If The Internet Is Switched Off Again, You Can Follow The #ShutdownZimbabwe Protests On These TV Stations

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There is a time when VPN doesn’t work; like what happened 2 days ago when the government stopped blocking social media IP addresses but it completely switched off the internet.  During that time you  gonna have to rely on Television. For you to avoid spend your time switching between many TV stations in the hope of bumping into the current affairs in Zimbabwe, you have to know which TV stations to go to.

The following is a list of the TV stations on DSTv that I have seen showing the status quo of the #ShutdownZimbabwe protests (virtually) every 30 minutes:

  • SABC News-channel 404
  • BBC World News-channel 400
  • eNCA-channel 403
  • SKY News-channel 402
  • Al-Jazeera English- channel 406

ZBC television-channel 280 doesnt show the status quo and its overly biased but you may need to watch it just to know what the government is saying about the situation.


  1. Alfred Ncube

    What of those without DSTV & rely on OpenView, thats the majority in Zim

    1. Selusweyinkosi Mhlanga

      I use OpenView, from the list above I have BBC

  2. Waldo

    Its a shame our own home news station ZTV is so untruthful and so unreasonably biased. We depend on foreign stations to hear the truth and reality of any situation happening in our country. Nyika yedu inoita kunge North Korea. ZTV is fit for a totalitarian regime, and our country is fast moving towards becoming one. We have no whatsapp, facebook, twitter and youtube as i type this.

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  4. L. Makombe

    We hope that they will be reporting factually instead of having interviews from the MDC Alliance only. What we need is facts and balanced reporting. The way Zimbabweans are abusing the social media at times peddling falsehoods and outright lies is not right. If this is a free country, let is also allows those who want to open businesses, want to go to works do so without intimidation.

    1. Sagitarr

      if you want Zanu pf views go to their numerous radio and single (minded) tv stations. There, you get the extent of the tiny minds that can’t fit into the giant shoes of running a country or providing intellectually-enriching or entertaining stuff worth paying for. Even for free its unpalatable. It retards the mind and apparently, some are satisfied with THAT.
      You’ll be the last to know the situation around your neighbourhood with these so-called “national broadcasters” whose target seems to be those incapable of independent thought.

  5. duh, really ??!!

    DUH !!! is this a serious article or some kind of joke ? Does techzim think this really is worth an article, or helps anyone? Now be a good staff writer and go pick up your weekly bag of rice from multichoice !!

  6. Sharia

    duh … speak for yourself. You can go to the herald and other state-funded institutions to read how wonderful the country is doing and how strong the bond note is!!!

  7. Anonymous

    “ZBC television-channel 280 doesnt show the status quo and its overly biased ” – Hahaha and you think BBC, eNCA and all the others don’t have an agenda as well? How naive…

  8. Jumbo

    This is another way the government is holding the people to ransom,Its time the people should stand together & time the government should listen to what the people want,& not what the political parts want.?

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