Vaya Working On USD Payment Option


If you update your Vaya Africa application to the latest version available in the Google Play Store, you might have stumbled upon the USD payment option which is now part of the application.


At the time of writing this option is giving customers the same prices for RTGS$ and USD but this might change once the option is made public. Driver’s who’ve been enquiring about the update have been told that the feature is still in development which means the pricing and factoring in of rates will occur at some point and it won’t be 1:1.

Considering that drivers have to bear the costs of insurance and even some repairs in USD, one can understand why such an option would be introduced and it would be welcomed by the drivers as they also get paid in a currency that doesn’t succumb to inflationary pressures on the daily.


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3 thoughts on “Vaya Working On USD Payment Option

  1. The impact is far reaching. Hope they can make it possible to pay by Visa or Master card. Think of foreigners coming into Zim! They will use the service definitely and be able to pay fair prices.

      1. It won’t work – simple. Almost all businesses are coming up with an RTGS price by multiplying their desired USD price with the marked up black market rate. It is not possible to price in USD without revealing this distortion. They will simply divide the same RTGS price by the official interbank rate resulting in an unrealistic USD price. The end result will be that no one will pay in USD even when the option is there.

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