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ZOL Finally Announces Anniversary Billing For Uncapped Users

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Recently, ZOL announced that data will start rolling over for Fibroniks users, which means if you pay your monthly internet bill and fail to use the internet in the allotted time, it will carry over into the next month.

Considering that the current electricity crisis has made it harder to use up your internet data in a month this is definitely welcome and ZOL has taken the opportunity to also throw a not-so-subtle jab at their competitor TelOne:

What about uncapped users? Up until now, they hadn’t gotten much love considering that data roll-overs don’t affect them.

Anniversary billing

Well, ZOL is introducing anniversary billing for uncapped customers which means if you pay your subscription on the 20th of July, that subscription will be valid until the 20th of August.

This was one of the more painful things to deal with as a ZOL subscriber since it meant there was no use paying for a package mid-month only to use it for half the month and then get disconnected.

It’s not much of a surprise that ZOL is introducing this for uncapped packages since on many occasions they cut of uncapped users in the middle of the month anyway. It’s still pretty good to have it officially.

Once again, this is a pretty nice response from ZOL who are finally giving customers what they want. It may have taken an electricity crisis to get here, but we are here nonetheless.

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  1. I’m now very much happy to roll it into the next month, unused data.Due to electricity crisis, this has made us panic harder for us to use our internet data in a month.
    Thanks in advance for this great opportunity, and good are providing to us your customers.

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